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mooveTEAM is an event gamification platform that allows event planners to create customizable experiences for corporate events, including GPS-based treasure hunts, escape games, indoor quizzes, and more. It is flexible, scalable, easy to use, and cost-effective.


Superb event gamification accessible at your fingertips

Launched in 2012, Mooveteam was created to digitalize pen and paper scavenger hunts, allowing participants to use the app on iPads to play the activity. This made organizing and tracking events easier and opened up new possibilities for gameplay. With feedback from event planners and game designers, the platform has evolved to become the most powerful solution for creating and managing indoor and outdoor team gamified events. Try Mooveteam and take your events to the next level.

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Solutions we offer in the USA to fit your requirements:

Creator Pro

Unleash the full power of mooveTEAM to create your own custom events
This segment is perfect for game designers and creative corporate event planners who want to create their own dynamics using our platform.
  • Full onboarding and on-demand training
  • Ability to create and build unlimited games and access to all features.
  • Access to premade games and frameworks that you can customize and make your own.
  • Access to monthly creator workshops
  • An account manager to solve all your doubts
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Event Pro

Sell and manage proven gamified activities created by top agencies worldwide
Want to expand your offerings without creating new formats yourself? We will make it easy for you to sell innovative events with as little work as possible.
  • Access to our games library and marketing material
  • Access to resources to ensure game day runs smoothly
  • Ability to customize the games with your client’s branding
  • Onboarding training to ensure you can set up and run your event successfully
  • An account manager to solve all your doubts
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Game Design and Game Management Service

Tell us what you need, lean back, and watch the magic happen.
Our experts know our platform inside out. They can help you bring your ideas to life using mooveTEAM.
Customize a game from our gallery
Do you like a game from Event Pro and want to make it a little more your own? We got you! Our experts can help you get the results you want.
We are here to help. Contact us, and we will give you complete consulting to define your objectives and the solutions we can offer you.
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A solution for everyone

Our solution packages are designed to ensure everyone can benefit (and profit) from our platform!

Our games library is composed of games created and proven by event companies worldwide. Starting with a premade game saves you time and gives you a solid base to begin working with mooveTEAM.

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Team BuildingVirtual Activity

We can be heroes

We can be Heroes is a fun problem-solving, super hero themed team building activity. Our hero has been fooled and trapped in a digital scam. Teams must follow the clues to find our imprisoned hero and save the day.

Team BuildingRemote

Secret Safe

Secret Safe, completely virtual, team building escape. It is focused on staff wellbeing, stimulating physical exercise, collaboration and communication skills.

Team BuildingRemoteStep Count

Walk Together

Walk Together is a COVID-safe, completely virtual, team building activity where participants must walk to unlock new challenges. It is focused on staff wellbeing, giving them motives to get off their workstation and walk. The game is collaborative and each participant contributes to his team score.

Team BuildingRemote


In this battle, entirely in Casino Royale style, each team aims to score exactly 777 points and win the jackpot. Who puts on their poker face and is willing to gamble today?

Team BuildingGPS Outdoor Activity

Clash of Europe

Every country has its own interests, its own agenda ….. No one can be trusted on the world stage. Three superpowers: America, Russia and China are today given the opportunity to take over strategic points in Europe. This time, no force needs to be used in the takeover, just pure knowledge. Knowledge is power, especially during this clash.

Team BuildingGPS Outdoor Activity


The eternal battle between the police and drug gangs has been a problem for decades, which is why the government has decided to deploy undercover agents. The working method used by these men and women is unprecedented! Completely cut off from all colleagues, these agents try to disrupt everything drug gangs try to set up.

Why choose us

One Platform, Unlimited posibilities

Throughout the last 10 years, we have improved our platform by implementing new features following the requests of our partners. This process allowed us to build the most complete and versatile gamification platform in the market.

” 100% success and 100% satisfaction”

We customized our Tech Hunts easily with moove, to fit our customers needs. This capability and the amazing User interface , allowed us to reach a 100% success and 100% satisfaction.

Nacho Terol

Director Eventos de Autor

“The GPS is a great advance”

The activity with moove becomes simpler, for the organizer avoids to write the tedious “roadbooks” and everything becomes easier with application maps. The GPS is a great advance to know the location of challenges.

Belén García-Moliner De Lara

Olé Special Events, S.L

“We can customize it to meet the client’s objectives”

Such a wonderful tool and so user friendly. We can customize it to meet the client’s objectives. Client’s come back again and again, in different locations and with different end users because of how easy it is to use and how much positive feedback we get from participants.

Lynne Tinker

CEO – Idea Team Building

Yearly, hundreds of businesses run mooveTEAM activities worldwide

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United States

EscapeTrails provides fully facilitated, virtually managed and self managed group experiences.

Already use a platform?

We know switching platforms can be a scary prospect but in order to stay ahead of your competition you need the best experiences and technology. Without doubt, mooveTeam is hands down the leader in this technology. Whether it is the interactive challenges, the Augmented Reality, the ease of use (both creating and managing games), mooveTEAM is the premium choice in the marketplace.

Find out why mooveTEAM is the premium choice that offers unrivalled user experience.

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Our games library is composed of games created and proven by event companies worldwide. Starting with a premade game saves you time and gives you a solid base to begin working with mooveTEAM.

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As 2024 begins, we’re excited to roll out a series of insightful Zoom workshops, specifically designed to empower our new and existing partners with the practical uses of Mooveteam. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to learn from experienced partners like our host James Carruthers of ClueGo, who has built a thriving business utilizing our platform. Join us for our…

EA Milano: Championing Teamwork through Basketball and Gamification

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We are elated to share the news of a groundbreaking collaboration: Eventi Aziendali Milano (EA Milano), our esteemed official representative in Italy, has proudly joined forces with the Urania Milano basketball team, a formidable presence in the Italian A2 league. This partnership is far more than a conventional sports sponsorship. It is a vivid representation of the core values that…

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Mooveteam Official Representative in Italy


We are delighted to share the news that 2golive, led by Sandro Santi and his team, is now the official representative of Mooveteam in Italy. This strategic partnership aims to strengthen Mooveteam’s presence in the Italian market and provide enhanced support to our local partners. Why 2golive? Through the work of Sandro Santi and his team, 2golive has a proven…

Unlock the Power of Mobile Scavenger Hunts for Unforgettable Corporate Team Building

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Team building activities have long been recognized as a powerful tool for fostering collaboration, boosting morale, and enhancing communication among team members. And when it comes to team building, few activities are as exciting and engaging as scavenger hunts. Traditionally, scavenger hunts involved pen and paper, with participants searching for clues and solving riddles in a race against time. However, in 2012, the innovative developers…

Eventi Aziendali Milano: A role model of team building events’ customization

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“With the adoption of mooveTEAM we are more and more sure that everything is going to work”, says Sandro Santi from Eventi Aziendali Milano.  This month we’ve travelled digitally to Milano to interview Sandro Santi together with Donatella Ardemagni, representing mooveTEAM’s main partner in Italy, Eventi Aziendali Milano. Sandro and Donatella are the events and team building consultant and digital…

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