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Team Building

Your easy-to-use budget-friendly gamification platform

mooveTEAM enables you to create and manage a vast array of gamified experiences to be played on mobile devices. Provide GPS Team Building, Escape Games, Quizzes, and other activities in our free-to-build tool. You only pay if your clients use the app in a real event.

Why choose us

The right software to grow your business and attract new clients


Our platform is free-to-build. Once you have access to a mooveTEAM account, you can transform your ideas into mobile-based gamified activities, test them, and present them to your clients using unlimited demos. Once you sell it to a client, you buy credits to deploy the activity.


Our platform allows you to create diverse gamified team activities for corporate team building, education, marketing, and other purposes both outdoors and indoors. Use our premade templates to incorporate new activities into your portfolio and always have the right solution for your clients.


Being scalable has always been one of the key factors of our business model. Our technology allows you to provide services for small and large groups, with iPads provided by your company or the client’s own device (both iOS and Android). You also get a nice discount when you buy larger credit packs. The more you work with mooveTEAM, the more rentable it gets.

Take your agency to the next level

Add a layer of technology to your team events

For over ten years, mooveTEAM has been developing mobile-based gamification solutions that help event agencies provide value to their clients. In collaboration with our partners, we develop new features and resources that boost user engagement and motivate teams.
Continuous development and collaboration ensure that our partner agencies can create innovative gamified experiences to fit their client’s needs and to have a differentiation point in comparison to their competitors.

Powering successful gamified experiences

Corporate Treasure Hunt


100 teams: 500 participants

30 challenges: per team

Main idea: A combination of GPS and QR code triggered clues and challenges taking in the highlights of Covent Garden. Pub clues and site-specific challenges included. Mini-games and some question content themed to the client.

The main objective of the event: A fun event to encourage networking between the client and their key customer accounts, a celebration of the company’s 20th anniversary.

On the game: The treasure hunt began and ended at Sway Bar in Covent Garden. Each team was assigned a unique route around Covent Garden, with GPS triggered clues relating to the city sights, QR codes to discover in various locations, company-themed mini-games. Our format ends with a big screen (not iPad based) interactive quiz final which held back at Sway Bar. The event length was 3 hours.

Summary: As a summary company received an event that ran well. Whilst all clues were solved correctly, teams did have sufficient time to complete all challenges/clues.

Freedom LTD
London, UK

“100% of our staff enjoyed a bespoke treasure hunt in the West End of London yesterday. I’ve had so many people come over to me today to say what a fabulous fun tom was had. In fact quite a few have even suggested it was our ‘best ever’ summer away day! Highly recommended!”

4×4 iPad guided route through Spain & Portugal


12 teams: 24 participants
97 challenges: 10 routes

Main idea: We designed an event where every action was prompted and lead by moove: the car navigation on road, the safety instructions for the journey, a “learning by doing” App briefing in the car with samples of all the challenges and features, a timekeeping rally stage, a drone race, a “Game of Thrones” challenge in a middle-age town, practical tips about the trip and the places, videos with product information that later turns into challenges, orienteering task on a sandy beach, and all-new way of following an e-roadbook included in the App.


Prolog BCN, S.L.
London, UK

“The best prove of the good feedback of the whole experience, is that since we dare to use moove in this event three years ago, (which was quite a risky option..) we have been asked by the Jaguar Land Rover to keep it using. They do not conceive the competition without it, they love the easy of use for guests and the rhythm that keeps along the event, and the safety fact that allows the organisation to keep track of every single movement of the teams.”

Conquer the City Quest


12 teams: 24 participants

97 challenges: 10 routes

14 teams, 3 roles in each team: 130 participants

3 + 56 + 56 challenges per team

Main idea: Create the game based on The Games of Thrones: 14 families, only one will reign in Sitges. Each family will have warriors, conquerors, and spies, with different objectives; win the other warriors in trials throughout the city, conquer the territories of other families and seize the standards of the rivals.

The main objective of the event: Discover Sitges, interact with different partners of the company and have fun. Team communication must be improved by forced cooperation.

On the game: Each family had some materials that were distributed among the members. The first night the spies and the conquerors were going to hide the banners. They sent the location of where it was and an image. The warriors had to defeat the other warriors in different tests: paddle surfing, rescue, three in a row, aim, …The conquerors had to get the territory of the other families, in each territory they made three challenges to get the fourth that was a puzzle of the territory. The spies were hunting for the banner of the enemy, the same dynamic as the conquerors but the fourth test was a picture of where the banner was stuck.

In the end, the team that has more points will conquer Sitges.

Summary: Great staging, spectacular, we have to improve the dynamics of the conquerors and spies that have been very repetitive.

Barcelona, Spain

“Very good graphic image and customisation of Game of Thrones 90% of the participants liked it a lot, especially those who had the role of warriors. But it took too long, more than 3 hours”.

Lamborghini Night Rally


25 teams: 50 participants
41 challenges: per team

Main idea: Create a Night City Game route including special challenges in a 44 storey prestigious building and on the track under the National Stadium. Moreover, mini games tailored to the brand and company values. The event should be held at night to avoid traffic jams and give drivers better experience and faster ride.

Request Organise night city game event in Warsaw for the best Lamborghini customers.

The main objective of the event: To be exciting, competitive, rewarding and enjoyable experience for all.

On the game: The route was planned to start and end in Lamborghini salon in Polczynska Street, Warsaw. The bespoke content for the event was taken from company values and individual customer wishes. Five different routes have been prepared so that teams do not interfere with task points. Points were displayed one by one. All teams completed in time!

Summary: At the end, teams completed game in time performing almost all task on the route. Teams spent a fantastic time, the feedback was excellent and cooperation maintained.

Agnieszka Chojka
Chief Incentive Maker, Lamborghini, Poland

“Many thanks for yesterday. The client is delighted! Long after the event ended, they had been talking about tasks, route, challenges, questions etc. Thanks for whole team because you always reacted quickly to my modifications and ideas. It has been a great pleasure to work with you and I think we will have opportunity to do it again!”