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Make learning fun and interactive

mooveTEAM allows adding a gamification layer to boost user engagement in the learning processes. Blending ‘aha!’ moments with fun, interactive, and story-driven activities to provide effective and enjoyable learning.

Learning through play

Design education games made to engage and stick

It’s nothing new that we learn by playing. mooveTEAM provides you with game-design elements and game principles to build learning activities to provide fun and stimulation for the learner at all levels: primary education, secondary, university, and on-the-job training.

Our funcionalities include quizzes, AR elements, audio, video, puzzles, and other mini-games that provide the user a channel to interact with the information he is receiving. The geolocation features of mooveTEAM give you the ability to create tours guiding the user through points of interest.

You can set the leaderboard to be always visible to the participants to spark their competitive flame, boosting engagement and participation.

A versatile gamification tool

Key features for gamification learning processes

Reward the user

You can attribute points for every challenge in the game, rewarding the user for every right answer with points and “well done” animations. As soon as players perceive pleasant stimuli, the happiness hormone dopamine is released.This positive feeling drives learning and boosts engagement.

Spark curiosity and entertain

Curiosity and the urge to discover are important drivers of learning. With mooveTEAM, you can create interesting interactive storylines with geolocation and multimedia features.

Create social interaction

We are social beings and have a strong need to help others. With features like “Alliances”, you can make players or teams cooperate to collaborate to reach a common goal and learn together.

Display their evolution

There is a natural ambition in everyone that drives them. We strive to get ahead in life, become better, and to develop ourselves further. Use the ‘Segment’ feature to create different levels that the user reaches according to their development in the game. This will display how further they went in the learning process.

Let people participate actively

People like to feel they belong and are committed to a cause. Interactive learning methods make content tangible. By using the question feature at mooveTEAM, you let the users interact with the content in real-time.

Recognize their effort

The desire for recognition is a basic human need. The leaderboard is a great feature to incentive participation as players can see their development in comparison to their peers. You can also offer real prizes for those that end in the first places at the end of the game.

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Throughout the last 10 years, we have improved our platform by implementing new features following the requests of our partners. This process allowed us to build the most complete and versatile gamification platform in the market.

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