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Made with love in Barcelona

Our core team is a bunch of smart, unconventional, and creative individuals who want to make a difference for our partners and build great experiences for our users.

We are an innovation-driven company

Moving people since 2012

Our team is passionate and experienced and loves to create new things daily. We are a team with over 20 years of experience working with technology, exploration, and creativity. From our headquarters based in Barcelona, we power events in cities all over the world.
It all began with four friends having coffee, talking about the possibility of combining technology, creativity, and Team Building.
The first idea was to create a simple platform to organize ideas, and structure events in an orderly way. After that, we realized that we could do much more, so we decided to make it easy for anyone to create Interactive iPad scavenger hunts.

We build experiences

If you ask anyone on the team why they love their job, you will hear some variation of:

I love to develop products that generate that WOW effect on people.

With moove we provide our partners with tools that allow them to use accessible gadgets to produce activities that generate that WOW effect for their clients.

Simple, fun and innovative

Improve experience of your customers by creating geolocated interactive games in- & outdoors

Our Vision

Our vision is to use technology to create meaningful experiences for our users. Allowing them to engage in fun team activities that will bring out the best in them. Beyond that, we want to help agencies and professionals across the globe to create those experiences.