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Team Building

Create & manage engaging team building activities

Our platform allows you to create a diverse variety of team-building activities for small and large groups, in person or remotely, indoors or outdoors, custom-made scavenger hunts, quiz games, escape games, photo quests, city tours, and more.

The smart way to team build

Engage and motivate teams with Fun, custom-made team activities

Talent retention and staff motivation are essential factors for the success of companies worldwide. Team building activities and incentive trips are a great way to make teammates work together outside their routine and workspace. Back in 2013, mooveTEAM came up as a solution to digitalize those team-building activities, relieving the laborious process of organizing these activities with pen and paper and adding new interaction tools to make the activities even more fun and facilitate interaction between participants.

Throughout the years, we have developed several features that enable event agencies to create and manage diverse types of team activities that fit the needs of each company according to their size, staff structure, and distribution.

A versatile tool

In-person or virtually, indoors or outdoors, mooveTEAM allows you to meet all of your clients’ requirements

GPS Outdoor Team Building Activities

mooveTEAM uses GPS technology to transform the city into a playground as teams play diverse challenges and fun tasks. Design real-life Scavenger hunts to get people together for a fun-filled activity jam-packed with laughs and timeless memories.

This format is enjoyable and meets little to no resistance from the participants, as mobile technology gives them the autonomy to go wherever they want. Different from other team building formats that pack everybody in the same room doing the same thing, sometimes against their will.


  • Easy to setup anywhre. City, Coutryside, Beach…
  • Get everyone moving with liberty, breathing fresh air outside the office.
  • Encourages team work and communication
  • This mild physical activity releases dopamine in the body, improving participants’ well-being.

Indoor Team Building Activities

As much as GPS activities are one of the great attractions of mooveTEAM, our platform is also designed to support engaging indoor activities. Create indoor Scavenger hunts where participants activate the tasks by QR code or iBeacon. You can also create Escape games involving storytelling using videos, augmented reality objects, and other multimedia resources. If your client needs a straightforward indoor activity, you can design a fun game show where participants answer questions and keep track of the leaderboard through the APP. You can always throw in some mini-games to increase the fun.


  • Streamline team meetings and other types of events in meeting rooms and conference halls
  • Weatherproof events
  • Easy to setup and manage

Virtual Team Building

Nowadays, technology has allowed companies to recruit talent worldwide, maintaining some employees in remote work. In the case of multinational companies, they have entire teams with hundreds or even thousands of people spread across the globe. mooveTEAM has the right tools to connect remote teams through team building activities, both indoor and outdoor. Yes, outdoor. mooveTEAM’s step count challenge allows remote teams to compete to reach step goals while they play quizzes and mini-games. The platform allows the creation of quizzes for video chats and other remote formats.


  • Connects disparate teams
  • Prevent isolation from remote team members
  • Great for large or small groups
  • Improve teamwork among people in different locations

Our game library

Premade games created by the best agencies worldwide

Our games library is composed of games created and proven by event companies worldwide. Starting with a premade game saves you time and gives you a solid base to begin working with mooveTEAM.

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Team BuildingVirtual Activity

We can be heroes

We can be Heroes is a fun problem-solving, super hero themed team building activity. Our hero has been fooled and trapped in a digital scam. Teams must follow the clues to find our imprisoned hero and save the day.

OptionalRemoteTeam Building

Secret Safe

Secret Safe, completely virtual, team building escape. It is focused on staff wellbeing, stimulating physical exercise, collaboration and communication skills.

OptionalRemoteStep CountTeam Building

Walk Together

Walk Together is a COVID-safe, completely virtual, team building activity where participants must walk to unlock new challenges. It is focused on staff wellbeing, giving them motives to get off their workstation and walk. The game is collaborative and each participant contributes to his team score.

OptionalRemoteTeam Building


In this battle, entirely in Casino Royale style, each team aims to score exactly 777 points and win the jackpot. Who puts on their poker face and is willing to gamble today?

GPS Outdoor ActivityOptionalTeam Building

Clash of Europe

Every country has its own interests, its own agenda ….. No one can be trusted on the world stage. Three superpowers: America, Russia and China are today given the opportunity to take over strategic points in Europe. This time, no force needs to be used in the takeover, just pure knowledge. Knowledge is power, especially during this clash.

GPS Outdoor ActivityOptionalTeam Building


The eternal battle between the police and drug gangs has been a problem for decades, which is why the government has decided to deploy undercover agents. The working method used by these men and women is unprecedented! Completely cut off from all colleagues, these agents try to disrupt everything drug gangs try to set up.

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Our games library is composed of games created and proven by event companies worldwide. Starting with a premade game saves you time and gives you a solid base to begin working with mooveTEAM.

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