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Do you need someone to organize an event for your company? Contact one of our partners in your area. They have experienced professionals ready to help you.

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SunnyWay Team Building


With 20+ years of experience, SunnyWay offers innovative team-building events focusing on experiential learning and 'energy at work.' Services include adventure, sports, creative, and virtual experiences across Italy and Europe.

Lapica Companies


Lapica Companies, with 20+ years experience, offers top-tier services like training, consulting, and event planning, using experiential learning and relational awareness.



Pangosmion Adventures creates unforgettable experiences that take you on a journey through Greece's hidden corners. From city walks to remote adventures, team-building activities, and charity initiatives, we provide unique, bespoke experien

Adventure Warsaw


On the market since 2009. The company has two brands offering city games and events: Adventure Warsaw operating in Warsaw and City Adventure offering city games in entire Poland.

Eventi Aziendali MiLANO


Drawing on our 15+ years of experience in team-building, we have engaged and trained over 100,000 people. We are here to help you build an event that will inspire your managers, bring out the best in your company culture and help you reach



With 25 years of experience, over 325,000 people have enjoyed our adventures. And we will always be locals of our land and enhance our values and culture.

Experience Box


Experience Box creates customized activities for corporate groups, utilizing a multilingual team of experts in original and exclusive experiences. Based mainly in the Costa del Sol but also serving the rest of Andalusia.

Action Distribution


Our multi-activity expertise. You set up the activities best suited to your environment and your audience! The equipment we distribute is tested by our team directly in the field, which allows them to advise you on the best options.


United States

EscapeTrails provides fully facilitated, virtually managed and self managed group experiences.



We are an event agency in Andalusia, Seville, Cadiz, and Malaga. We are specialists in the MICE sector after more than 25 years working in the sector.

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