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Event Gamification

Add a layer of fun and interaction to any event

With mooveTEAM, it is easy and economical to integrate gamification into any event, outdoors or indoors. Participants only need their smartphones to launch the app and start interacting.

Digital fun all the way

Engage event participants in a fun, seamless way

Providing a joyful experience is the objective of all event planners. With mooveTEAM, you have technology on your side to help you create unique experiences according to the characteristics of your event.
Use our gamification features to generate engagement. Our quizzes are great for icebreaker dynamics. Photo challenges spark competition and participation. The geolocalisation features are also great to get people moving and exploring the venue. You can always add multimedia content to the game to pass your message and grant your objectives.
Our platform offers quick activation methods like deep link QR codes that allow the user to scan the code, install the app, and load the game. You can also assign teams and alliances before the event, and the users receive the activation by email. Their smartphone is all they need to join the fun.

Versatile applications

In-person or virtually, indoors or outdoors, mooveTEAM allows you to meet all of your clients’ requirements


Nowadays, people tend to turn to their phones when they are in a place where they don’t know the other attendees. What about using a mobile game to break the ice and get everybody engaged? That is what you get with mooveTEAM’s dynamics on your event.

Multimedia Content

Make your guests’ experience more immersive and dynamic by adding branded content inside the mobile gamified activity. Add videos, audio, and images to personalize their experience, give them important information, and entertain.


Get to know more about the event attendees by asking them questions. The question can be both multiple choice and text response. Through the web back-office or the admin APP, you can launch new questions live to poll the participants about the current topics. You generate a report of all the answers on the analytical section of the platform.


Gamify your guest’s experience by placing challenges and hints across the venue. Take attendees to places of interest at the right moment by spawning new tasks live and incentive interaction with photo and video tasks. Gather data post-event by analyzing the heatmap that displays the flow of participants throughout the venue.

Photos and Videos

Photo and video tasks are great to spike participation and interaction. You can formulate diverse challenges where participants have to show their photographic talents. You can rate the images as the participants upload them, and the players will see the leaderboard through the mooveTEAM APP.

Competition and prizes

The live leaderboard is always accessible through the APP for all participants. This way, the leader is highlighted, and the other participants know they got to do better if they want to take his place, impulsing engagement, and commitment. The event organizers can always offer real prizes to the leaders of the game, making it even more engaging.

From our blog

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Our games library is composed of games created and proven by event companies worldwide. Starting with a premade game saves you time and gives you a solid base to begin working with mooveTEAM.

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