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Person holding a tablet displaying augmented reality interface with a digital marker in an office setting.

In recent years, augmented reality (AR) has captured the imagination of event organizers and participants alike, revolutionizing the way we experience digital interactions. Companies like Apple and Meta have heavily invested in AR technology, recognizing its potential to enhance user engagement and create memorable experiences. At Mooveteam, we have embraced this trend by integrating AR […]

hands holding an iPad with the app open in the background you see providence river in Rhode Island

For over a decade, we have been developing the technology to use mobile devices GPS to provide engaging gamified experiences. And our partners bring their creativity and ingenuity to create amazing experiences. Today we are showcasing an example of how this combined knowledge can be used to bring historic stories to the audience, bringing knowledge […]

Students gathered in a class room of the University of Lodz with MoveTeam iPad ready to start the challenge

Last May 18, participants joined the Marketing Challenge, an annual event held by the MarkeTEAM Student Scientific Circle. Mooveteam Poland, through our official representatives Seven Event Group, partnered with the MarkeTEAM to use our platform in this prestigious competition. The event, held in Łódź, saw participants utilizing Mooveteam’s gamification technology on iPads. About the Marketing […]

This image features a joyful chef smiling broadly as he interacts with a digital device, likely managing a cooking competition. In the background, his team, dressed in chef whites, is busy preparing dishes, embodying a vibrant kitchen environment. This scene captures the essence of team collaboration and the integration of technology in a culinary setting, highlighting the chef's leadership and the team's engagement in a spirited cooking challenge.

Italy, the land of rolling vineyards, ancient history, and of course, legendary food. Our partners from EA Milano don’t shy away from Italy’s gastronomic prestige, and have cooked up, “Mystery Chef” a corporate team-building event that mixes gastronomic fun and a thrilling scavenger hunt, proving yet again that Italians indeed take their food seriously, but […]

Drawing inspiration from an article by our Italian partner, Eventi Aziendali Milano, about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way we approach team building events, we’ve decided to share some insights and perhaps offer a few tips on how you can leverage tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, and Copilot, among others, to accelerate the customization […]

Three people participating in an outdoor team-building activity using a tablet. The sunlit setting suggests a casual, collaborative atmosphere as two men and a woman focus on the screen, potentially solving a puzzle or navigating a scavenger hunt challenge.

Scavenger hunts consistently rank among the most popular activities for corporate team building on our platform. Their appeal extends beyond the excitement of the competition. They also offer a valuable opportunity to develop teamwork, critical thinking skills, and a sense of adventure among participants. In recent workshops with our partner James Carruthers, a team-building expert, […]

For over a decade, Mooveteam has evolved through collaborative efforts with our esteemed partners, shaping a platform designed to cater to an expansive array of client needs with unparalleled flexibility. Earlier this year, we had the privilege of hosting workshop sessions where James Carruthers, a distinguished leader in team-building facilitation and the founder and managing […]

As 2024 begins, we’re excited to roll out a series of insightful Zoom workshops, specifically designed to empower our new and existing partners with the practical uses of Mooveteam. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to learn from experienced partners like our host James Carruthers of ClueGo, who has built a thriving business utilizing our […]

We are elated to share the news of a groundbreaking collaboration: Eventi Aziendali Milano (EA Milano), our esteemed official representative in Italy, has proudly joined forces with the Urania Milano basketball team, a formidable presence in the Italian A2 league. This partnership is far more than a conventional sports sponsorship. It is a vivid representation […]

The holiday season is upon us, and there’s a palpable sense of excitement in the air. It’s that time of the year when employees are in high spirits, eagerly looking forward to festivities and a well-deserved break. But did you know that this season also presents a golden opportunity for team-building? That’s right! The holiday […]

group of team building attendees play mobile team building in Milan

We are delighted to share the news that 2golive, led by Sandro Santi and his team, is now the official representative of Mooveteam in Italy. This strategic partnership aims to strengthen Mooveteam’s presence in the Italian market and provide enhanced support to our local partners. Why 2golive? Through the work of Sandro Santi and his […]

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