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A Fun Way to Engage your Audience

With mooveTEAM, you can make the client learn more about your product and engage with your brand by playing, creating an emotional bond that will weigh your way in the decision-making process.

Engaging marketing activations

Create activation events that put the user in the center of the action

Gamified marketing activation events make the user take an active role while interacting with your brand or product. With mooveTEAM, you can gamify your marketing events indoors or outdoors, proposing fun tasks that will engage and entertain the participants.

The geolocation feature is great to built routes where the customers can test-drive vehicles or routes to promote a specific site.

Indoors, the tasks can be activated by iBeacons or QR codes in diverse dynamics that can be developed by gamification experts to highlight the benefits of your offer.

A versatile gamification tool

Everything you need to gamify your marketing events

Multimedia Content

Make your guests’ experience more immersive and dynamic by adding branded content inside the mobile gamified activity. Add videos, audio, and images to personalize their experience, give them important information, and entertain.

Gamified Routes

mooveTEAM games need little to non in-person support. The participants find the places of interest on the map, and all the instructions are inserted into the app. You can provide support via live chat if needed.

Reward the user

You can attribute points for every challenge in the game, rewarding the user for every right answer with points and “well done” animations. As soon as players perceive pleasant stimuli, the happiness hormone dopamine is released.

Survey your audience

Use in-game questions to know more about the preferences of your audience. Their answers will be stored and can be reviewed at any time in our back office.

Photos and Videos

Photo and video tasks are great to spike participation and interaction. You can formulate diverse challenges where participants have to show their photographic talents. These images are stored at the system and can be used to display the success of the event.

Recognize their effort

The desire for recognition is a basic human need. The leaderboard is a great feature to incentive participation as players can see their development in comparison to their peers. You can also offer real prizes for those that end in the first places at the end of the game.

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Throughout the last 10 years, we have improved our platform by implementing new features following the requests of our partners. This process allowed us to build the most complete and versatile gamification platform in the market.

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