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Mooveteam Poland Joins Forces with MarkeTEAM for the Marketing Challenge XVII

May 29, 2024
Last Updated:
Jun 10, 2024
Roberto Teixeira
Students gathered in a class room of the University of Lodz with MoveTeam iPad ready to start the challenge

Last May 18, participants joined the Marketing Challenge, an annual event held by the MarkeTEAM Student Scientific Circle. Mooveteam Poland, through our official representatives Seven Event Group, partnered with the MarkeTEAM to use our platform in this prestigious competition. The event, held in Łódź, saw participants utilizing Mooveteam’s gamification technology on iPads.

About the Marketing Challenge

The Marketing Challenge is an esteemed event that attracts students and graduates from various Polish universities who are passionate about business and marketing. Participants navigate the city of Łódź, solving tasks that test their marketing knowledge, strategic thinking, and teamwork. The event combines elements of a city game with educational challenges, making it a unique and engaging experience for all involved.

Participants and Objectives

The Marketing Challenge is designed for:

  • Students interested in marketing, eager to test their knowledge and skills.
  • Creative individuals who enjoy challenges and want to learn more about consumer trends.
  • Team players who value healthy competition and have boundless energy.

Participants compete in teams, moving from location to location within the city, solving tasks that require a blend of marketing expertise and practical problem-solving skills. The ultimate goal is to foster learning, teamwork, and innovation in a fun and dynamic environment.

Mooveteam: A Perfect Fit for Education and Marketing

The integration of the Mooveteam platform into the Marketing Challenge is a testament to its versatility and effectiveness beyond corporate team-building. Marcin Gawin and his team at Seven Event Group are masters in designing gamified experiences in Mooveteam, showcasing its potential in corporate team building, marketing, education, and beyond.

Thanks to our cooperation with Seven Event Group, participants had even more fun solving tasks on the Mooveteam app on iPads. The ‘pranks’ option additionally raised the competition, adding an extra layer of excitement and engagement.

At educational events like this, Mooveteam enables the creation of gamified learning experiences that enhance engagement and retention. Customizable challenges, geolocated tasks, and multimedia content make learning interactive and enjoyable. By incorporating marketing scenarios and tasks into the platform, we help participants apply theoretical knowledge in practical situations, improving their understanding and skills in a real-world context.

We were thrilled to be part of this year’s Marketing Challenge and enjoyed showcasing the powerful capabilities of the MooveTeam platform. We extend our best wishes to Seven Event Group, the MarkeTEAM Student Scientific Circle, and all participants for an exciting and enriching experience.

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