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EA Milano’s “Mystery Chef” Challenge: Culinary Creativity Meets Tech-Savvy Team Building

May 09, 2024
Last Updated: 
May 16, 2024
Roberto Teixeira
This image features a joyful chef smiling broadly as he interacts with a digital device, likely managing a cooking competition. In the background, his team, dressed in chef whites, is busy preparing dishes, embodying a vibrant kitchen environment. This scene captures the essence of team collaboration and the integration of technology in a culinary setting, highlighting the chef's leadership and the team's engagement in a spirited cooking challenge.

Italy, the land of rolling vineyards, ancient history, and of course, legendary food. Our partners from EA Milano don’t shy away from Italy’s gastronomic prestige, and have cooked up, “Mystery Chef” a corporate team-building event that mixes gastronomic fun and a thrilling scavenger hunt, proving yet again that Italians indeed take their food seriously, but not without a dash of fun!

Cooking and Scavenging combined

Three friends participating in an urban scavenger hunt, exploring a charming narrow street lined with shops and cafes. They are engaged in lively conversation, with one person holding a tablet, possibly using it to navigate or solve clues. The scene captures a moment of camaraderie and adventure in an atmospheric European alley.

Imagine being thrust into the hustle and bustle of a reality cooking show. Teams are given the task of conjuring up the most visually stunning and palatable dish, but here’s the twist: the ingredients must be collected through an engaging city-wide scavenger hunt. Armed with iPads, participants race against the clock, and each other, to gather virtual ingredients hidden across key locations, each unlockable only by overcoming culinary-themed challenges. Whether you’re a wizard in the kitchen or not, there’s a role for everyone in this riveting race against the timer.

Enhancing participant engagement with AR technology

Two images displayed on tablets showcasing the use of augmented reality in scavenger hunts. The first image features a virtual strawberry overlaid on a scenic lakeside pathway, enhancing the natural setting with digital interaction. The second image shows a virtual star placed near a busy urban street, demonstrating how AR elements are integrated into real-world environments to create engaging and interactive experiences for participants.

EA Milano’s utilization of Mooveteam’s augmented reality (AR) technology brought a distinctive edge to the scavenger hunt by allowing real-world environments to be enhanced with virtual elements. This AR integration enabled a customizable and dynamic gaming experience, where digital ingredients could be placed at specific locations, awaiting discovery. Such technology not only deepened participant engagement by merging the physical and digital worlds but also allowed for tailored event themes and challenges. This customization capability ensured that the experience was not only fun and engaging, but also adaptable to different group needs and event objectives, enriching the overall interaction and enjoyment of the participants.

Dynamic Scoring and Photo Challenges

A creative representation of Italian cuisine through a tablet screen showing a vivid image of penne pasta with tomato sauce and basil, contrasted against an actual backdrop of rustic bread, cheese, and spices. The tablet seemingly captures and enhances the elements of the dish, illustrating a blend of virtual and real culinary experiences.

In the “Mystery Chef” EA Milano use Mooveteam’s functionalities creatively to enhance the event with for example the photo challenge feature allows teams to capture and submit images of their culinary creations directly through the app. This adds a dynamic visual element to the competition, as each dish is not only tasted but also judged on its aesthetic appeal, capturing the essence of each team’s effort and creativity. This adds a new element that let people that are more visually creative to express their skills.

Mooveteam’s give game manager the ability to dynamically update scores via its admin version on the app or web back-office introduces a thrilling competitive edge. Judges can award points in real-time, which are immediately reflected on a live leaderboard visible to all participants on their iPads. This continuous update adds a layer of suspense and excitement, as teams can see their standings change throughout the event, driving them to strategize and perform under pressure.

These features allow event organizers using Mooveteam’s platform to customize the challenge to suit different themes or objectives, offering a unique flavor to each event. By integrating these technical capabilities, EA Milano is able to create a multifaceted event that is not just a cooking challenge but a holistic team-building activity that fosters creativity, collaboration, and competition.

Want to play this game with your team?

If you’re looking for an extraordinary experience that will not only engage but also inspire your teams, you got an excellent team at EA Milano ready to spice up your next team-building event. Contact them for more details.

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