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Walk Together

Walk Together is a COVID-safe, completely virtual, team building activity where participants must walk to unlock new challenges. It is focused on staff wellbeing, giving them motives to get off their workstation and walk. The game is collaborative and each participant contributes to his team score.
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1h till 1 month

 During the Walk Together program, we took the following into account:

– Every participant must be able to participate from home

– Each participant plays individually and is assigned to a team

– Every participant must be moving during the program and must not be able to participate from behind the computer.

– Content game is put together in consultation with the client.

– Each participant plays on a smartphone (4G module is required), properly charged battery, or power bank available.

Before the event, participants must download the MooveTeam app. As soon as the app is on the phone, the participants will receive a personal QR code. They have to scan this code in the app to retrieve the content. After that, all participants are in the same game, but each at his or her location.

The participants can chat with each other via the game app, they can see the real-time score, they can thwart each other by sending crazy gadgets to each other and they can see each other where they are (by zooming in and out on the map).

The goal of the game

Which player/team has earned the most points at the end of the game?

Walk and collect as many badges as possible. You earn a badge by running a certain distance. For example, after every 400 meters you travel, you will receive a badge. No matter which way you walk, the GPS / pedometer on the smartphone should see that the players have moved 400 meters. Each player can do this in his or her environment.

In the app, there are various icons on the Google maps map, for example, the departments of the company. Behind each icon, there is information and some assignments related to the department. Clicking on the icon will bring up the info/command. However… the assignments behind the icons are locked. The assignment can only be opened with an earned hiking badge. When the assignment is opened, the participants are given one chance to answer or solve the puzzle. 


The game can be on for 1 day, 1 week, or even 1 month.

When the game is on for several days, the participants can complete a few challenges each working day in their own time, at their own pace.

There are several assignments to choose from:

• Questions (multiple-choice, 2 to 6 answer options)

• Open questions (must be assessed)

• Photo assignments

• Video assignments

• Mini games, such as memory, mix & match, guess the word

All these assignments can be fully personalized with your own content

(texts, logos, colors, photo, and video messages). Think of personalized video messages when a question is right or wrong. But also intro messages from colleagues or managers at the start or end of the game.


Each player plays individually, but can also participate in a team (for example, the department he/she works for)

In the score overview, each player sees his or her score, but also the score of the team they are part of. For example, you can trade between departments and even between offices in different countries. Everyone can participate in their workplace, whether at home or the office.


If there are open questions in the game, they must be assessed. This also applies to certain photo and video assignments. A game master is required for this. The gamemaster can provide MooveTeam. This gamemaster will also explain and help with the login of the different players, if necessary.


For this game, we use the app: MooveTeam.

The app can be downloaded from the App store. The players then have to scan a QR code to get the content on their smartphone.


This can be determined entirely in consultation. The game can last 1 hour, 1 day, 5 days, 2 weeks, or even 1 month.


Each game can be elaborated on a specific theme, such as Christmas or health.


We can give you a remote demo during a video meeting.

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