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EscapeTrails provides fully facilitated, virtually managed and self managed group experiences.


An EscapeTrails adventure combines the best parts of a scavenger hunt, city tour, and an escape game to create a unique and exciting urban adventure.   Guaranteed to get your group active, having fun and being social.  Whether you are a group of 12 or 1200 we have you covered!    

Our adventures can be done wherever you like, whether this is outdoors in the city, your office neighborhood, campus, indoors at a conference/workshop location or online.  We can provide an adventure designed for you:

  • In Person Events – great for when getting team altogether in one place
  • Remote Events – great for remote teams
  • Hybrid Team Events – for teams with people in the office and working remotely combining the best from In person and remote.
  • Multiple locations for teams in multiple locations – play at the same time!

Using our technology we can provide ready made or custom solutions for team building, marketing activations, orientations, fundraising and more!  We are committed to work with you to ensure that we meet the needs of your group and event.

Have fun, get active and be social with your colleagues, friends or family!


Fully facilitated In Person Events

Whether indoors or outdoors we can provide a fun, active and social event for your group. From an epic city based adventure allowing the group to explore and interact with the city (on foot) to a break out activity as part of a conference break out activity we can support your needs!

Remotely Managed Events

Offering the best parts of our fully facilitated events. A remotely managed event will be set up and facilitated by our remote host. On the day the remote game master will connect with teams via video conferencing to get the event underway and will manage the game remotely. At the end they will wrap up, announce winners and show a movie from the event. This is a great option to be sustainable and also is great for the budget!

Self Managed Events

EscapeTrails HQ will set up the event and then hand it to you to run on the day using your own smartphones. We will supply all the information and guidance you need to run a successful event including a 30 minute consultation on running your event successfully. You will receive all the photos and videos from the event after the event has finished to distribute, use in social media or to make a short movie! Great if you need a little more flexibility on the day or are on a tighter budget.

Custom Design

We can customize our ready made adventures just for you. Whether this is changing the branding, adding new challenges, a message from the boss or the key objectives that need to be achieved, we can do it. Want a complete new game/experience which aligns perfectly to your objectives we can also deliver this! Let us know your idea today and we can discuss how we can help you make it happen.

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