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We can be heroes

We can be Heroes is a fun problem-solving, super hero themed team building activity. Our hero has been fooled and trapped in a digital scam. Teams must follow the clues to find our imprisoned hero and save the day.
English, Italian
2-3 hours

The world has changed … and even Spider-Man has naively fallen into a digital trap that is imprisoning him in a secret place.
The kidnappers demand a ransom and communicate digitally by bouncing their communications from numerous internet server hubs around the world. In order to discourage those wishing to follow their digital trail, the kidnappers protect access to servers with skill challenges, puzzles, and experiential trials.

Since each of us now has real digital “super-powers” at our disposal, do you feel like testing your intuition, your propensity for problem-solving, but above all your ability to collaborate in achieving a common goal?
This is because only by working as a team and using your technological superpowers you can be the protagonists of an adventure that has its origins in the fantastic world of Superheroes by freeing Spider-Man from the secret place where he is held.
A place that we ask you to help us discover in order to open the doors so that our unfortunate Spider-Man can once again be the icon of justice and altruism that he embodies …
Therefore, if, by joining forces, we will be able to track down the secret place where Spider-Man is, we will be able to affirm once again that, all together … “We Can Be Heroes”

Get your heart ready …

Taking part in the hunt for Spider-Man is easy but challenging at the same time.
Thanks to our special APP that you have to download on your smartphone/tablet, you will be able to follow the digital traces left in the various server hubs starting from the last known sighting of Spider-Man indicated on the map with his icon. By clicking on that icon a first enigma will appear. If you will be able to solve it, you will be credited with bitcoin points that will determine your performance and that of your team. But above all, you will be shown the name of the next city where you can go on the digital map indicated with a “pin” that shows only the initial letter of the locality (for example “N” for New York). If you fail to solve the enigma, only the initial letter will be reported … In this case you will have to be very careful and reason with your team because if you click on the Pin of an incorrect city you will be subtracted an amount equal to 100 points- bitcoin!
Within the set time, you will have the opportunity to investigate suspicious sightings to be viewed on 360 ° scenarios thanks to virtual reality, complete communication challenges through facial expressions only, and the ability to play pre-established roles with selfies and mini sketch videos. As well as solving enigmas and passing experiential and skill tests.
Each test passed positively, will give the right to obtain a personal score which, aggregated in Team, will correspond to the number of Bitcoins needed to pay the ransom requested by the kidnappers. Many pieces of evidence also provide a clue to be carefully noted in your ARCHIVE in order to locate the secret place where Spider-Man is locked up.

Are you ready to accept this new challenge and prove that, once again, (all together) “We Can Be Heroes”?

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