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Escape Games

Take escape games  
out of the room

With mooveTEAM’s geolocation features, you can take you can transform escape room games into escape the city games bringing storytelling gamification to a whole new level as participants explore the city looking for clues.

A city-wide mystery

Use the cityscape to tell a story and engage the participants

Use storytelling to entertain and engage participants while they explore the city, looking for clues and solving riddles. Mix the digital and the physical world by placing QR codes in hidden places so the players can scan them to find new clues.

The player only needs a mobile device, android, or iOS, to join the game. You can use multimedia content like videos, audio, and 3D AR models to build your story and intrigue the participants.

You can use different routes and segments to let participants unlock new levels as they advance in the game.

A versatile gamification tool

Everything you need to build street escape games

Self-guided tours

mooveTEAM games need little to non in-person support. The participants find the places of interest on the map, and all the instructions are inserted into the app. You can provide support via live chat if needed.


Place virtual objects throughout the map so the participants can gather them to unlock secrets. These virtual objects can be visualized in 3D AR technology, bringing more immersion to the activity.

Meaningful side quests

mooveTEAM has several mini-games like puzzles, guess the word, hangman, and more that can be inserted into the escape game as “side quests” for the main storytelling but can be important to sum points to unlock a clue or an object.

Introduction videos

Immerse the participants in your story by inserting custom videos in the game where the characters say their lines to introduce challenges and hints.

Photos and Videos

Photo and video tasks add an element of a sightseeing tour to the game as participants have record their tour through the lens of their device.

Competition and prizes

A mobile device is all you need to play. The event planner doesn’t need to own a room to operate the games. Providing the iPads is recommended, but you also can offer games where the player uses their own device, making it easier to host larger groups.

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Our games library is composed of games created and proven by event companies worldwide. Starting with a premade game saves you time and gives you a solid base to begin working with mooveTEAM.

Take the Escape Room outdoors

Escape Roommoove TEAMOptional

The COVID-19 health crisis has had a strong impact on the Escape Room industry. The rules of the ‘new normality’ imposed to reduce the number of new contagions restrict agglomerations in closed environments, which represents an important set back in their current business model. If you organize the games in closed rooms, you will have to sanitize the room after…