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Using AI to create game assets for Mooveteam bespoken Team Building activities

Apr 01, 2024
Last Updated:
Apr 25, 2024
Roberto Teixeira

Drawing inspiration from an article by our Italian partner, Eventi Aziendali Milano, about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way we approach team building events, we’ve decided to share some insights and perhaps offer a few tips on how you can leverage tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, and Copilot, among others, to accelerate the customization process of your Mooveteam games. These tools can help you achieve better results by creating tailored games in less time. It’s important to note that we’ve already successfully integrated ChatGPT into the game dynamics on Mooveteam. If you’re interested in learning more about this, please send us a message

Challenging Creativity

Team building game designers consistently face the challenge of devising new questions and challenges tailored to the specific needs of each client. This is where AI becomes invaluable, providing crucial support. Tools like ChatGPT or Gemini by Google can assist in brainstorming unique and topic-specific quiz questions for your team-building event. For instance, if you’re creating a game for a financial technology company, you can use ChatGPT to generate questions related to the financial industry, ensuring that the content is relevant and engaging for the participants. As observed in workshops with James, you can have a game format with questions designed for one context and then need to adapt it to another context, for example, Christmas traditions in a given country, as you are running the same activity for two different branches across the world. An AI chatbot could be utilized to tailor it to the new context. Of course, it would be ideal to run this through a local representative to ensure it makes sense, but in general, you can propose more ideas and be more proactive with your team building activity planning with the help of an AI chatbot.

AI image generation for custom crafted bespoken team building activities 

Incorporating visual aids into team building exercises not only captivates participants but also enriches their experience, making complex concepts more accessible and engaging. AI-driven tools like DALL-E and Midjourney have emerged as invaluable resources in crafting these visual components, each offering unique advantages that can enhance Mooveteam’s hints and mini-games in distinct ways. Additionally, it’s noteworthy to mention that DALL-E has become more accessible than ever, as it’s now freely available in Bing, making it an even more attractive option for team building game designers looking to prove AI for creating visuals for the first time.

For creating engaging visuals in team building games, leveraging AI tools like Midjourney and DALL-E can significantly enhance the creative process. These tools offer unique approaches to generating art, providing vast opportunities to enrich your Mooveteam games with customized images for hints and mini-games.

Images created with Midjourney for a cybersecurity team building event:

When crafting prompts for these tools, a few tips can help refine the results:

  • Be Specific: Clearly state what you’re looking for, including style, color, and context. This precision guides the AI towards producing the most relevant images.
  • Explore Styles: Don’t hesitate to experiment with different artistic styles or influences. Mentioning specific artists, art movements, or themes can yield diverse and visually stunning results.
  • Iterate and Refine: Initial results may not always perfectly match your vision. Feel free to adjust your prompts based on outcomes to fine-tune the generated images.

Example of AI image generation prompt:

As this post is inspired by AE Milano’s post, let’s create an image for a treasure hunt in Milan. We gave ChatGPT this task, and it generated the following prompt:

Cel-shaded portrait mobile game art of a group of diverse pirates celebrating near the canals of Navigli in Milan, Italy. One pirate, a friendly-looking cartoony character with a peg leg and an eyepattach, excitedly digs in the cobblestone street, uncovering a treasure chest. The others cheer him on, with a parrot perched on their shoulder. In the background, the colorful buildings of Milan line the canals, with the Duomo cathedral peeking above the skyline.

And generated the following image in DALL-E.

Dall-e generated pirate treasure hunt graphic showing happy pirates opening a chest

This illustration highlights the transformative power of AI-generated art in elevating game engagement. The vibrant, comic-style character offers not just visual appeal, but a level of customization far beyond what stock images can provide. Each character is crafted to add depth and intrigue, sparking player curiosity and enthusiasm. Incorporating recognizable landmarks, such as the Duomo Cathedral, into the backdrop lends an authentic sense of place that enriches the game’s world, enhancing immersion.

The image’s professional finish underscores the game designer’s capability to deliver a polished, immersive gaming experience tailored to the game’s setting and theme. It’s the meticulous attention to detail that can transform a standard team-building exercise into an unforgettable adventure, encouraging players to engage deeply with the game’s objectives.

This artwork can be seamlessly integrated into various game elements, such as backgrounds, hints, challenges, and feedback messages, adding coherence and enhancing the player experience.

We have also asked for a logo for our event. Originally it could not add text to images but AI evolves every day and using the image generation bot in Chat-GPT we ere able to generate a very nice logo with all text written right in the second try. We have also uploaded a screen capture of the face of the pirate in the first image we generated and asked the AI agent to generate a 3d style pirate character as you can see in the example:

Dall-e generated graphic combined in photo-montage. A logo, a scenarium and a 3d character

If you have patience and learn to use the tool, you will be able to generate high quality images to enhance your Mooveteam games.

AI generate voices 

Incorporating AI-generated audio into team building activities introduces a multitude of benefits, enhancing the narrative depth and providing a polished, professional feel to the experience. Utilizing recognizable voices, such as those generated by, adds an exciting layer of engagement, igniting excitement and fostering nostalgia. This approach ensures the team building experience is uniquely memorable for all participants, as they instantly recognize and connect with the familiar sounds.

For a more comprehensive enhancement of your activities, integrating AI-generated visuals alongside voices allows for the creation of rich, dynamic video assets. This synergy brings scenarios and challenges to life in a way that static images and text alone cannot achieve.

This blend of AI-generated content enriches the gaming environment, making it more immersive and interactive. Here, a cheap (we aimed to build it quick so it is a true the concept of using AI to speed up the process), but very fun example of the use of AI voice in a cybersecurity team building challenge:

We used Chat-GPT to create the question, and then create a storytelling that would attract the attention of the players. Then we used the free tool text-to-speech to create the narration and Midjourney to create the images. We added some sound effects to enrich the video, but it is very simple and effective and can be done in any video editor. Well, the question in Mooveteam after the video would be:

What should Alex have done to verify the authenticity of the email before responding with his login details?

A) Checked the email address of the sender to ensure it matches the company’s email format and is not a clever imitation.
B) Looked for generic greetings or obvious spelling and grammar mistakes, which are common in phishing emails.
C) Contacted Bob directly through a known company phone number or email to confirm the request.
D) All of the above.

Correct Answer:
D) All of the above.

This kind of question to generate awareness is very common in team-building activities, but it hits different if you just read it or if you are invested in the story as you see Alex fall into the trap of the hacker. That way, the ability to produce this kind of videos can be very valuable for training and team building.


The future of AI generated content is promising. As we continue to explore AI capabilities into team building and Mooveteam’s offerings, we are keen to learn from our community. We invite you to share how you’ve utilized AI to enhance your Mooveteam events, and express your interest in potential AI integrations within the Mooveteam platform. Your feedback and creativity are invaluable as we strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible in team building. We hope this articles can be somehow helpful, and we would like to remind you we are here to keep on evolving a making a better product.

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