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tips to create better interaction for team building activities using app

Today companies have higher expectations for their team building events than they did in the past. When they hire events for group of 30-300 or more people, it isnt enough for the participants to just interact with the 4-10 people on their immediate team.  Our clients want even more interaction! That’s why we have gone […]

1. Team Interaction Let’s think about it. What is the point of team building? To improve cohesion amongst employees? To ‘break the ice’ between employees who previously didn’t interact? To have a day off from the office and have fun? Whatever it may be revolves around the interaction of the players to let their hair […]

Moove attended the IBTM 2015 exhibition, held from 17th to 19th November in Barcelona. Many other agencies, exhibitors and visitors, were interested in the Moove platform. Despite being the fourth year that we have been exhibitors in IBTM, our platform remains innovative and arouses the interest of the MICE agencies. During the three days, we […]

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