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Trends We’re Watching in Meeting and Events Business

Jan 10, 2023
Last Updated:
May 12, 2023
Michelle Girassole

At the end of 2022, Amadeus Hospitality hosted a webinar titled, “The Future of Meetings and Events”, including speaker professionals from SalesForce, Meeting Professionals International (MPI) and Knowland. These were some of the market trend observations we noted that make Mooveteam a good fit for preparing your event offerings in 2023. Read the Full Article here.


  1. Flexibility – “venues and planners alike must be prepared to respond quickly to changing customer demands.”  Planning timelines must be flexible, but also event planners want to create different experiences, as the reasons we pull people together have changed. 

    Mooveteam’s scavenger hunt games can be ready to “plug-and-play” for event planners to create an outdoor activity that brings people together after meeting hours for continued relationship building.
  2. Fun –  “The bar for in-person events has been raised.  Planners and venues must get creative with unique experiences to attract attendees.” People want to come together more now than ever, to interact—having more time at events to talk and to infuse more fun. During the pandemic, folks were stuck on screens, purely getting the education portion of events in virtual meetings.  Now they want to connect with each other, but event planners must make it worthwhile for folks to get off screens, leave home, get onto planes, and travel to destinations. Also, there is a blending of business and leisure—increased demand for ancillary activities, especially b/c people are bringing family with them and latching on vacation time with work time. Build fun into experiences, the best of all worlds.  

    Mooveteam’s team-building platform allows the fun to happen at meetings in a way that draws people together to spend a block of time outside the event space, creating memorable experiences that are unique to the venue, and customizable for each client. They can be designed to include family members who have traveled along with event participants.

    3) Technology, Hybrid meetings and events are here to stay… planners must carefully design experiences to maximize value for both in-person and virtual attendees.” 

    Mooveteam technology options include virtual games as well as in-person options, so those connecting remotely can participate. Mooveteam customers can create their own game experiences, or use one of our ready-made game options, with our support team to help!

Login to to the Amadeus webinar page here to watch the full presentation.

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