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Tech-based team building: generate engagement through playful activities

Oct 03, 2022
Last Updated:
May 12, 2023
Roberto Teixeira

Engagement is one of the most important outcomes of tech-based team building. There are so many ways in which this engagement can be generated through playful activities. Engagement can be achieved by multiple factors such as an immersive experience, motivation, and inclusion. 

Mooveteam is a fully immersive experience, meaning that users are able to engage with the app in many different ways. Users are able to physically move around to find the designated location from the scavenger hunt on the app. Once the user reaches each location, there are challenges that need to be completed. This is where the mobile scavenger hunt becomes a fully immersive experience as it involves using context clues and observation to figure out the answer and learn! 

The motivation to use the app comes from the ease of accessing the online maps. When clicking on a location, it leads the user there specifically. The app does not require any outside resources to be successful. This is another positive reason as to why technology is so important in engagement. It draws more people in to join the ease of playing with a mobile app. 

Inclusion is a huge factor and turning point of why Mooveteam’s mobile app is so successful for team building, which promotes engagement. As previously discussed in the blog regarding the benefits of corporate employee team building, there is so much to learn about one another through an inclusive activity. The great factor is that there is so much to look forward to when it comes to team building with a group of corporate employees. At first, the group is the same only by one linked factor– their connection to the company. However, there are so many other qualities to learn about each other, such as skills, personality, and work ethic. It is important to engage in team building to learn all these factors about the team. It may be extremely helpful for the long run, and prevent unforeseen issues. 

To put these qualities into perspective, setting up a game with Mooveteam shows exactly how immersive, motivating, and inclusive the app truly is. For example, imagine a team building activity among a corporate employee setting in which the goal is for coworkers to get to know one another on a more personal level in order to encourage better teamwork. Firstly, by making the team building experience a scavenger hunt in which the team is able to get out of the office and be present in a different setting, already creates an atmosphere of casualness. The connection between the Mooveteam app and the different tasks to complete create the immersive experience in person. By physically moving to each spot the app requests, that immersive experience is coming to play. If a team were in Barcelona, the task might be to go to La Boqueria and get snacks and different foods, pack it up for a picnic, then take it to the El Carmel Bunkers overlooking the city. The task would be to take a photo of the picnic and the team members in front of the beautiful view. This combines the fun activity and the online software to create an unforgettable experience. Since corporate coworkers are going to get to know one another, there is a reason to want to come to work and interact and be part of the team. Breaking the ice is so important so that the best work can come from employees working well with one another. Work is far less stressful and exhausting when there is a close knit community working together. Lastly, inclusivity is the final factor that promotes engagement through playful tech-based activities. By creating a space in which all coworkers participate in the team building activities, everyone is put on the same level. Everyone is included and has something to contribute to the team building activity as it requires different skills. As a result of the tech-based team building activities, engagement is one of the many benefits that come from it.  

All of these qualities are extremely important and valued by Mooveteam as users use the mobile team building app. The Mooveteam app has a set standard of what the mobile app should provide people with. The engagement is extremely valued with Mooveteam team building. 

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