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How Mooveteam helped ClueGo to grow 100% of its revenue

Nov 07, 2022
Last Updated:
May 12, 2023
Roberto Teixeira

Mooveteam exists to help event engagement ideas to grow and gain space, as it is the case for Clue Go, a company specialized in creating team building experiences in the UK. Currently generating 100% of its revenue being generated by using Mooveteam, the brand shows how adopting the platform at an early stage of the project turned into a competitive advantage and helped it win the local market.

“We had always used Treasure Hunt applications on other platforms and providers. We had cameras, MP3 players, and several other features. But we missed a solution that could support multiple tools as a one-stop shop. Eventually, we found Mooveteam and decided to try it out. That is how we started and after 20 months, I decided to dedicate the company entirely to GPS Treasure Hunts, we are a dedicated Treasure Hunts team in the UK,” says James Carruthers, Managing Director and owner of ClueGo.

It’s much better than the competition’s app, that’s for sure. And the credit-based business model is much more affordable than a recurring subscription.

James Carruthers | Cluego

To be able to show how such innovative service can help companies to improve employment engagement, they can’t only rely on showing images, but instead they want to present the idea in an immersive and interactive way. Part of the educational plan is to offer online demos, and also they will soon release a film that speaks directly to customers. “We are dedicated to games that are much more complex than answering questions and taking a picture,” he explains. 

What are the advantages of Mooveteam?

The main one is, undoubtedly, the versatility: the application allows a variety of creations, provides ready-made formats and also enables the client to let the imagination flow. With this pool of opportunities, Cluego found the chance to optimally develop Treasure Hunts. “It’s much better than the competition’s app, that’s for sure. And the credit-based business model is much more affordable than a recurring subscription,” adds Carruthers. 

He also points out that there are obviously challenges, like any platform, but if the user is technically focused and creative, “it’s a great system because you can create a wide range of games and experiences. These creations still work online, which has helped us as a company to survive Covid-19, as we use the app to create virtual experiences as well.” 

Clue Go experiences with Mooveteam

Clue Go uses Mooveteam in different categories and “Day Out” is one of them. In it, participants can ride in classic English cabs, boat down the Támesis, and more. 

All we need is somewhere to start the event and somewhere to finish. The local area doesn’t necessarily impact how the event takes place – it can, but it doesn’t have to. The client can run Treasure Hunt to get specific content about the area, for example. If they want a question about Barcelona Cathedral, you can have a point that triggers exactly when the user is near it. It is a type of game that needs an architect in the creation part. If the option is something more generic, we can base it anywhere in the world, be it on the beach or in the mountains. We have several products that allow us to create the events in any space. We did an event last week, called City Game, in ten cities across Europe, where everyone was playing the same Treasure Hunt. We gave them the iPad and ran it remotely. There are really no borders,” he concludes.

Although it may seem so, increasing the number of participants and including different locations in the game doesn’t make anything more complex, as you can easily trust the app and its GPS solution. Having a representative in each location can help to make sure the experience is seamless for all participants.

Last month we did an event that started in Paris, for a hundred people, called Treasure Hunts Walk through Paris. They took a train from the city to Dijon, did some tasks while traveling, then arrived at a place where forty vehicles were ready to make the next part of the route to Lyon, where they stayed for the night. Next day, they took private jets to another city in France, and ended up in speedboats to a very nice hotel” he says.

The size and scope of the activity can be defined by you. There are, for example, indoor games that bring great results, and are easier to do: you just need to plan the game and print out QR Codes that, when scanned, have the same effect as if the team were walking down the street: “When we create a game we put an effort to create interesting content, such as quizz, mini-games, photo challenges” he explains. 

The fact that there are no restrictions regarding physical space helps to create powerful products that meet different needs and end up generating profits for the company that works with the development of the activity. For Clue Go, the most important months of demand are July, August, and September, considering that they held 42 events in September 2022 alone. 

Without Mooveteam, we wouldn’t have ClueGo. The platform is what drives our business. We have a great relationship and talk directly to them. We are growing and expanding. It worked very well for us,” he concludes.

Special thanks to our partner James Carruthers, for kindly answering our interviewer.

Interviewer Denise Norões
Article writer Carol Tavares

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