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Experience Box

Experience Box creates customized activities for corporate groups, utilizing a multilingual team of experts in original and exclusive experiences. Based mainly in the Costa del Sol but also serving the rest of Andalusia.


EXPERIENCE BOX is a company specialized in the creation, development and production of tailor-made activities for corporate groups. It is made of a multilingual team (Spanish, English, French, German and Dutch) of experts in producing the most original and exclusive activities. We work mainly in the Costa del Sol, but also in the rest of Andalusia.


“High-Six” interactive treasure hunts in the city

We offer original and exclusive interactive treasure hunts in the city (any city in Andalusia), a great competition between teams to enhance teambuilding, teamwork, communication within the company.
The group is divided in teams, each one carrying a backpack with a personalized iPad as their main tool. The map of the city when accessing the Moove App will show a large number of points of interest (POIs). Each time a team gets to of the POI’s, a question, game, challenge will pop up on the screen, The more correct answers, creative and fun photos and videos they make, the more points they get. The key factor to have a chance to win the competition is teamwork, hence the benefits it has for the company. It is a great communication, leadership, time management and creative exercise.
There are great versions of this activity according to each group’s expectations: gastronomy, 100% personalized, with segways, etc.

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