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SunnyWay Team Building

With 20+ years of experience, SunnyWay offers innovative team-building events focusing on experiential learning and 'energy at work.' Services include adventure, sports, creative, and virtual experiences across Italy and Europe.


For over 20 years, SunnyWay Team Building has been offering its creativity to companies wishing to design original and impactful events to motivate staff, provide unconventional training, or host unique evenings. Founded in 2000, SunnyWay introduced experientialism and ‘energy at work’ team building to Italy. The in-house laboratory continuously creates new formats based on market and customer needs to meet your team’s objectives.

We specialize in adventure, sports, creative, ecological, social, expressive, role-playing, marketing, sensorial, and virtual experiences. Our immersive events and shows align employees with the world’s changes through emotional videos and theatrical improvisation.

SunnyWay & MooveTeam:

Discover our formats to explore Italy (and Europe) while playing! Learn about history, tradition, fashion, cuisine, and historical beauty through our activities. This technology offers employees an authentic experience of shared problem-solving, decision-making, and creative thinking with iPad activities around cities, museums, meetings, and training sessions. Virtual reality enhances these experiences, boosting morale and team spirit.

Formats available with MooveTeam include Beautiful Italy, Beautiful Europe, Pirates, Mystery, Cops and Robbers, The Apprentice, Street Art, Museum Heist, Photo Contest, and more. Imagine yourself as the protagonist of an exciting treasure hunt through spectacular settings, deciphering codes, finding clues, and discovering history while strengthening team dynamics. There are also physical tests in City Villas, on beaches, or outdoors. Choose your favorite format and make any city unique.



MooveTeam gives the opportunity to visit the most interesting cultural and artistic places in Europe through fun activities, but also by developing a sense of belonging to the team, a sense of challenge and sharing successes. Each team is given an iPad with a map of the city and the places where they will find special tests dedicated to getting to know the city and its traditions. This innovative activity combines Urban Treasure Hunting with Problem Solving and Action Play. Different steps during which participants can enjoy the city, have fun and strengthen team spirit. Teams can decide their own route. The more places they visit, the more challenges they win, the more points they earn. The team with the highest score wins.

Beautiful Italy / Beautiful Europe

Beautiful Italy and Beautiful Europe give the opportunity to visit the most interesting cultural and artistic places in the chosen city through fun activities, but also by developing a sense of team membership, a sense of challenge and sharing successes.
The teams dress up as tourists to explore the most beautiful and famous places in the city, but also the most secret, the less travelled by classic tours and the hidden gems that Italy and Europe have to offer. Examples of tours: Beautiful Italy – Rome Edition, Beautiful Europe – Barcellona Edition, Beautiful Europe – Paris Edition and more.


The participants in this team building are pirates belonging to rival gangs who face themed trials to conquer treasure. If held in seaside locations, fun trials can be held on the beach. In the city, on the other hand, they can take place in villas and public gardens.

The common goal is to try to accumulate as many points as possible during the iPad rally to get the treasure map and be the first to conquer the hidden treasure chest full of doubloons and jewels. Each team assumes the identity of a specific ‘character’ with unique abilities! Depending on the ‘Character’ during the game, you can form strategic alliances or hinder other teams.

And watch out for the pirate skeleton, because it can appear out of nowhere and penalise you!


Stories of ghosts, legends, strange people who populate the city at night, making it even more mysterious and fascinating. Talking statues, courtesans, fantastic creatures that live in places where reality and legend merge. An activity that sheds light on a different city, normally invisible to visitors’ eyes. The teams take photos, videos and solve riddles, discovering the hidden side of Italy. The city’s most famous ghosts speak to them on video to communicate vital clues, and Tarot cards unlock new evidence. The entire activity is designed to be customised with questions and tests that recall the themes of the event. Ghosts and pictures of the city can speak through augmented reality about the brand, product or theme of the meeting.

Cops and Robbers

Welcome to “Cops and Robbers”: the thrilling challenge where teams transform into espionage agencies with the aim of finding and stealing the blueprint for an innovative form of energy (or your company’s new product). Participants will take on the roles of secret agents, immersing themselves in an engaging experience that combines energy and dynamism.
“Cops and Robbers” is an activity that captivates even the most reluctant participants, pulling them into a vibrant atmosphere. With puzzles to solve, missions to accomplish, money to earn, resources to manage, and deals to make, the teams’ strategies will need to be more than effective!

Scattered throughout the city, the bases of other secret agents become the playing field where each team must skillfully steal valuable information. Alliances between teams will be crucial for sharing information. Prepare for an intense and enjoyable experience, where competition merges with collaboration to create an unforgettable adventure. Are you ready to become the protagonists of “Cops and Robbers”?

The Apprentice

“The boss is always right, even when he is wrong. – You’re out!” – Flavio Briatore

But, is it always true? 

The Apprentice is a business game offering a unique learning experience in a competitive environment. This team building activity is the ideal event to improve communication by breaking down barriers, improving time management and inspiring creativity.

The Apprentice is divided into two phases: Activation and Execution.

ACTIVATION – A moment of fast ice-breaking that shakes the participants’ minds and bodies.

EXECUTION – The real challenge begins: the participants, divided into teams, challenge each other in tests where skill, the spirit of improvisation and a good dose of nerve will be the ingredients. A final stage will reward the teams that achieve the most surprising results.

Street Art

From Frescoes to Graffiti – A Journey into Art.
A museum without frames or canvases, where the support for the exhibited works is the wall, and the exhibition space is nothing but the city. A tour to discover the phenomenon of graffiti and its history, seasoned with themed challenges that allow participants to immerse themselves and better understand this type of art. At the end, a surprise awaits the participants.
In this game, participants step into the virtual shoes of a street artist to explore the most famous street art locations all over Europe. At the end of the tour, virtual attire transforms into overalls and shoe covers, and with spray cans in hand, participants create their own mural with the help of our artists. Teams face challenges of all kinds, from photos to videos, creating augmented reality graffiti to capturing their team’s photo in “street art” style, all leading up to the exciting final challeng! What is it? Upon reaching the final destination, our street artist welcomes the participants with a live street art performance. Teams are then invited to participate and create their own mural on a wooden panel using techniques and materials typical of this art form.

Questions about the history of the city, interactive games, puzzles, details to be found, puzzles to be solved… Rehearsals are designed to encourage participants to cooperate with each other and interact with tourists and citizens through photos, interviews, songs and more.


Indoor activities allow for complete immersion in history and can be customised to meet specific customer needs to stimulate collaboration, creativity and fun.

Quiz game during a company dinner on the topic and values of the event or a role-playing games like Museum Heist or Spy Game.

Museum Heist

We know that Maurice Leblanc wrote several books starring Arsenio Lupin. What you don’t know is that many of his books were an inspiration for our gang, we were able to reproduce most of them. There almost seems to be a connection between us, it seems like he wrote these books for us to decipher. Recently we found a few pages of an unpublished book! 

It could be the heist of the century, an object of enormous value. We just don’t know what it is.

We will provide you with the pages we recovered along with my personal notes on this theft. 

I am now out of the picture and cannot carry out this theft. But I have before me some of the best organisations in the world. Show me what you can do!

Our indoor games allow complete immersion in history and can be customised to meet specific customer requirements.

Photo Challenge Indoor

1 iPad and a lot of photographic challenges to do indoor.

Photography is a wonderful art, capable of creating unique images that immortalize precious memories forever. But have you ever thought that it could also be useful for improving your company’s performance? In fact, the art of photography can become a means of exploring a hidden part of yourself, a creative side of your character that you perhaps do not value enough in your work.  When held together with your colleagues, a photography session can become a means of empowering the collective creativity of the whole team.

Quiz Challenge

Participants will be involved in film scenes, quizzes and games about the magical world of cinema and music… or whatever we decide together!

With the possibility of using technology as well, in a game where everyone will be able to use their smartphone as a push-button panel, to challenge each other in one of the many Live Game formats or in Quiz Challenges, fully customisable or company-themed.


Our service offers maximum flexibility in creating unique experiences tailored to your specific needs and desires. Our production team helps you customize the activity to the client’s learning objectives, budget, and preferences by adjusting the theme, duration, locations, and specific activities as desired.

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