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With 25 years of experience, over 325,000 people have enjoyed our adventures. And we will always be locals of our land and enhance our values and culture.


For human quality, the team empathizes with participants, adjusts to their pace, interests, motivates them, and helps them achieve the challenges of the day.

For professionalism, knowledgeable about the activities, the environment, safety measures, the potential and limitations of participants.

As business managers, we work for the company’s and the customer’s effectiveness. We analyze quality, sustainability, safety systems and certifications and implement what is relevant and has a positive impact on people and the environment.

For commitment, to society, working on continuous improvement; to participants so they can enjoy, share and grow as individuals; and to the sector, contributing and working towards recognition and professionalization of Active Tourism.

For bringing the activity to where you need it. Because we think of you and know that it’s a factor that sets us apart, we work where you need it, the adventure wherever you are.

For exclusivity, the activities for Cuadrilla and Rally IPAD are done using the Moove-Team app, which we have exclusive rights to in Euskadi for corporate groups.

For having the entire sector, because if there is something you need that we don’t offer, we will advise you on other companies or possibilities, because that’s who we are, we are… Troka Abentura.


Cuadrilla Ipad

Organize a fun and engaging team building activity for your company event with the iPad Squad. This activity is designed for an urban environment and combines technology with teamwork.

To start the activity, we divide the group into teams and each team is assigned an iPad. The iPad will set the pace of the challenge, presenting various puzzles, quizzes, and questions that showcase the Basque culture, rural sports, and traditions. Ultimately, it’s an opportunity to experience being a typical Basque squad on the streets of our villages.

This activity usually lasts between one and two hours, and during this time, each team must use their wits and abilities to score as many points as possible. The team with the most points wins.

A fun, comprehensive, and easily customizable team building activity to meet the needs and demands of the client.

Digital Routes

Do you feel like discovering cities and towns in a fun way? Let yourself be carried away by our route proposals.

We are working on different routes where you can come across a multitude of challenges such as questions, puzzles, photos, videos, guess the word, hangman, find the pair, related words… With your partner, your family, your friends, or just by yourself, you can play these games and at the same time get to know these places, their anecdotes, special corners, and curiosities. All you need is a phone with data connection to play these games.

Currently, the following games are available to the general public:

Orozko de la Mano de Mari (in Basque and Spanish). You can do the route by visiting the Orozko Ethnographic Museum

Maruri-Jatabeko Ondarea. Visit Maruri with Basa-Jai (in Basque), QR code at the town hall

Laukiz Go, visit this municipality, it’s in Basque, QR code at the town hall

VisitGorliz GO, a game in Gorliz led by Pirate Anton de Garai (in Basque and Spanish). You can play by visiting the Gorliz Tourism Office

And we are still working on new games.

If you are a tourist entity, a hotel, a tourist resource… we can organize a route for your own visitors.

If you are a closed group, a group of friends, a class, a company, an association… we can create a personalized game for you to participate in among yourselves.

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