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Pangosmion Adventures creates unforgettable experiences that take you on a journey through Greece's hidden corners. From city walks to remote adventures, team-building activities, and charity initiatives, we provide unique, bespoke experien


Pangosmion Adventures is a company dedicated to crafting bespoke experiences that will take you on an unforgettable journey. With decades of experience and a passionate team, we can create an adventure for any group and any need. From exploring the hidden corners of Greece’s beautiful cities to embarking on a flavors trail, we pride ourselves on providing unique experiences that draw from the rich local culture. Our services also include team-building activities, charity initiatives, and even remote adventures that connect people across continents.


Embark on the Flavors Trail

Our Flavors Trail is a feast for all the senses, allowing you to guide yourself on a journey of delicious flavors unique to the area. We pride ourselves on selecting the absolute best, providing an experience that no guidebook will ever match.

Walk like a Local in the City of the Olympian Gods!

Our intricately designed experiences allow you to guide yourself through the beautiful cities of Greece, and explore the hidden corners that few tourists will discover. With entertaining tasks that challenge you along the way, you’ll get to experience the local culture in a way that’s unique and unforgettable.

Bring a complete and satisfying team experience anywhere!

If looking to create an adventure for your team on their doorstep, we’ve got the perfect solution for you! We can quickly create for you a custom gamified experience sure to engage, excite and create lasting memories in any location, including parks, hotel premises, or even your work environment! With the wonderfully unique photo ops and fun questions and minigames, we also add extra props and physical activities into the mix to turn any location into your playground!

Exploring the Unknown with an iPad and a Jeep!

For our clients that wish to explore on four wheels, we use the Moove platform to provide an interactive road guide experience that allows the participants to easily navigate areas that they have never seen before and access key stops and locations unknown to most!

A Vehicle for Charity!

For clients wishing to contribute to a worthwhile cause but also create a meaningful experience for their participants, we use the gamification engine of Moove to build a rich experience that will turn the symbolic efforts and points of the people competing into a real-world positive contribution! It works splendidly for both monetary and in kind donations and will leave your team feeling satisfied and fulfilled for the good they have done!

Live your own Odyssey in our Seafari Adventure!

It’s no secret that Greece’s gem is its stunning sapphire blue waters. Embark on a once in a lifetime trek along the coast of Greece, visiting pristine beaches, hidden caves, and islands with beauty untouched by man! Dive for treasure, take part in impromptu challenges, explore breathtaking locations, and take in the sights available nowhere else!

The Remote Extravaganza!

For us, distance is just another medium for a unique team experience! Online Game shows in which everyone can take part from their home! Longer term adventures that last several days and will keep everyone connected even across continents! We create an interactive experience that “pops” using the latest in streaming technologies!

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