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Lapica Companies

Lapica Companies, with 20+ years experience, offers top-tier services like training, consulting, and event planning, using experiential learning and relational awareness.


Lapica Companies, uses mooveTEAM to provide a comprehensive event planning and execution service that accommodates a broad range of team-building activities. They handle every aspect of the event, from infrastructure setup to the detailed design of the activity, adapting to the size and specific needs of the group, which can range from 40 to 800 people.

One of the key aspects of their service is to align the client’s expectations with what they can offer, ensuring the event objectives are met. The team at Lapica Companies uses the mooveTEAM tool to manage the activities, rate the teams, and maintain control over the event, contributing to a high level of customer loyalty.

They specialize in themed team-building activities, which are designed to engage participants using trending topics. For instance, they have created a game based on the popular series “Money Heist”, where participants are divided into teams and perform various tasks to achieve a common objective. The game incorporates geolocated vans and iPads connected to the mooveTEAM app, which automates scoring and helps guide participants through the steps of the experience​​.


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