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Take your escape games beyond the four walls with mooveTEAM

Feb 15, 2023
Last Updated:
May 12, 2023
Roberto Teixeira

Escape rooms are a great way to offer customers an immersive and exciting experience, but as the market becomes more saturated, it’s important for escape room owners to find new and innovative ways to stand out. With the rise of technology and mobile technology each day more accessible and popular, it’s essential to consider how you can use mobile devices to give your business an edge over the competition. We wrote this article to help you consider mooveTEAM as this tool that will help you leap into the new era of escape games. Our platform allows you to build gamified team experiences and play them on mobile devices, both indoors and outdoors.

What is mooveTEAM?

mooveTEAM is a web-based CMS that enables you to create and customize your own games, which can be played on both iOS and Android devices. One of the major benefits of mooveTEAM is its ability to bring the escape experience out of the traditional room setting and into the real world. Using GPS-based technology, mooveTEAM allows players to explore the city and solve puzzles, incorporating elements of the real world into the game through AR technology. This not only enhances the overall experience, but also allows you to expand your offerings beyond the four walls of your establishment. This means you can bring your escape experience to different locations, host events in different places, you can create themed events with specific places of interest, or even create a city-wide scavenger hunt.

What mooveTEAM offers Escape Game designers

mooveTEAM also offers a variety of features that will keep players engaged and on their toes. For example, the platform includes hints that can be used to introduce topics and guide players through the activity. This is especially useful for players who may be new to escape rooms and need a little extra help getting started. In addition, mooveTEAM includes multiple-choice and free-text questions that are great for testing the knowledge of participants in a fun and competitive way. This can be used to create a trivia game, where teams have to answer questions related to the theme of the game, or even a general knowledge competition, where teams have to answer a variety of questions from different categories.

Another great feature of mooveTEAM is the ability to include photo and video challenges, which are great for incentivizing players to express their creativity. The platform includes a fun photo editing module, which allows players to add stickers, and text to their photos, making them more exciting and engaging. Additionally, you can use video challenges to create a short film contest, where teams have to create a short film related to the theme of the game, this is great to increase engagement, and it can be also used to promote the event on social media.

mooveTEAM also includes a variety of minigames, such as puzzles, word games, and memory games, which add an extra level of fun and competition to the experience. These minigames can be customized to fit the theme of your escape game, making them even more engaging and relevant to your players.

In addition to the minigames, mooveTEAM also includes segments, which are tools that can be used to create different levels within the game. Players must complete a set of challenges to advance to the next segment, adding an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the game. This helps you create an engaging storyline as participants can see how they advance stages, completing different levels to uncover the truth behind a crime, or a survival game, where teams have to complete different challenges to survive.

Another great feature of mooveTEAM is the ability to set objects as rewards for completing tasks. These objects can have a 3D AR visualization and can be used to unlock new clues and segments, making the game even more engaging and rewarding. Additionally, you can use objects as collectibles, where teams have to collect a specific number of objects to win the game, this adds an extra layer of competition, and it can be also used to create a scavenger hunt game within your storyline.

Escape game designers can also keep track of how their teams are performing in real-time through mooveTEAM’s live-tracking feature both on the web CMS and the Admin mobile app. This allows them to send messages and launch new tasks on the fly, providing a more dynamic and interactive experience for players.

What escape game dynamics you can create with mooveTEAM?

Murder mystery

Escape game designers can use mooveTEAM’s gamification features to bring their murder mystery games to life and immerse players in their storytelling. They can use the Hints feature to introduce topics, provide clues, and guide players through the game by using customized videos, images, and 360 scenes. They can also create puzzles for players to solve using the Minigames feature and offer virtual objects as rewards for solving puzzles with the Objects feature, unlocking new clues. The Segments feature can be used to create different levels within the game, each with its own set of challenges and puzzles, and increase the difficulty as players progress. You can also use the Photo/Video feature to incentivize players to express their creativity through challenges and encourage teamwork with the game dynamics that force rival teams to collaborate to unlock new clues. The possibilities are endless and you have several resources to engage your participants.

Haunted House 

A Haunted House Escape Game is a type of adventure game where players are locked inside a haunted house and must find a way to escape by solving puzzles, finding keys, and uncovering secrets. The atmosphere is spooky and creepy with jump scares, eerie sounds, and ominous lighting. The game often involves exploring rooms, solving riddles, and discovering clues to progress and eventually escape the haunted house. The objective is to escape before time runs out or before being caught by the ghostly entities haunting the house.

With mooveTEAM, you can create the same dynamic but within the APP. Add spooky sound effects and videos to the game in the CMS, and set a timer to end the activity. Prepare different sets of riddles and puzzles that the user has to solve in order to escape. You can even transform it from a haunted house to a haunted city if you place the challenges on the outside. Some companies that it to the next level and place actors in different points of the city to scare the participants and make their experience even more immersive.

Prison Break

A Prison Break Escape Game is a type of adventure game where players are locked inside a prison and must find a way to escape by solving puzzles, finding items, and making decisions. The setting is usually a dark, grim, and oppressive prison filled with guards, surveillance cameras, and locked doors. The game involves exploring cells, finding hidden passages, and making choices that impact the outcome of the escape. The objective is to escape the prison without being caught by the guards or triggering any alarms. Players must use their wits, problem-solving skills, and quick thinking to successfully escape.

With mooveTEAM, you can add a twist to the game. Participants start in the game indoors, solving puzzles, and getting clues about how to escape the room. When they finally get out they got to get to a point on the map without getting caught by “the police”. Using the robots feature of our platform, you can place several virtual patrol card trough out the map and the participants are penalized if they meet with one of them on the map. They must be avoided at all costs, so participants must solve challenges to get information on how to get to the end of the game without getting caught. 


Overall, mooveTEAM offers escape room owners a cutting-edge solution for expanding their offerings and providing a truly unique and engaging experience for their customers. By incorporating real-world elements and allowing for team-based play, mooveTEAM takes the traditional escape room experience to the next level.

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