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Riddlethon is an exciting riddle competition to stimulate team cohesion, communication, and problem-solving skills. Participants have to work as teams to strategically solve as many riddles as they can to gain enough points to unlock new levels. Teams have to beat challenges and break codes to reach the final level where they will face the final riddle if they have the right answer, they will get the code to unlock the chest to get the prizes or secrets hidden inside.
1-2- hours

What is Riddlethon?

Teams will race against time to beat the Mr Riddle at his own game and solve the riddles he has left as clues.  By solving the riddles you will win parts of a secret code that will help you figure out what the Mr Riddle is upto and get there before him to stop the crime from taking place.

In order to do this, you will need to work as a team, use your intelligence and think strategically in order to solve the riddles before the other teams, stop the crime and claim your prizes!


What happens during Riddlethon

Riddlethon can be adapted to work for an activity of between 1-2 hours as an indoor table based event or as a remote event for virtual teams.

In a typical 90 minute event there would be an introduction and instructions for the event using multimedia and a facilitator, followed by 2 high octane rounds of competition.

1. Introduction

2. Round 1

3. Final Round

Introduction and Instructions

Participants will be placed into teams (between 6 – 8 people) based on the objectives for the event.  They will enter the venue (whether real or virtual) and the facilitator will introduce the activity and give all the instructions needed.

Teams will also have the opportunity to get their grey matter working and complete some practice riddles.

They will then have some time to look at the instructions and discuss tactics.

Once everyone is happy and ready to start the event facilitator will start the game and compete against the clock and the other teams in Round 1!

Round 1 Solve the Riddles Get the Clues Crack the Code

Teams will use the resources available to solve the riddles and get the clues that will ultimately help you crack the code.

The resources will include a pack of riddles, a smartphone or tablet and plenty of pens and paper.

Planning will be key to be successful and stop the ‘Riddle Man’ in his tracks.  Will you work on tasks together?  Will you split tasks up between team members?  Will you tackle the hard riddles first?  Will you go for the big points first?  

The objective is to accumulate as many points as possible and work out the secret message for bonus points and access further challenges to find out what the Mr Riddler is upto.  The teams with the highest point totals will get the opportunity to crack the code and stop the ‘Riddle Man’ in Round 2.

Round 2 The Finale Crack the Code

The most successful teams from Round 1 will compete in the finale and be faced with one final riddle that will help them crack the code and open the safe before the Riddle Man commits his crime!

These teams will be the center of attention as they compete against the best of the best to be the heroes of the day and also claim the prizes left within the safe.

The rest of the teams will have the option to play along and/or cheer on their favorite teams in the finale.  They may still have the opportunity to win some prizes for themselves with a special challenge.

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