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Be Happy – Remote Team Building Program

May 06, 2020
Last Updated:
Sep 1, 2023
Roberto Teixeira
Team Building remoto Mexico

The current situation presents us with challenges regarding the constant pressures and worries of working from home, preventing us from harmoniously interact with other collaborators, or to integrate into the team.

To help businesses overcome the challenges of the abrupt shift to remote working forced by the COVID-19 pandemic, Be Team Building joined forces with the Happiness and performance expert, Luis Pineda, to create be Happy. An emotional and fun program that will make you reflect on the strengths and skills that characterize your working team in moments of crisis.

It is a remote activity that anyone can join. The only requirements are:

  • A Computer or mobile device with the ZOOM installed.
  • A Mobile or tablet device with Moove Team installed.
  • Paper to write and draw.
  • Both devices must be fully charged and connected to WIFI.

Be Happy allows participants to stimulate their creativity, strategy, leadership, teamwork, and company identity, through a set of interactive games powered by Moove Team:

  • Photo and Video challenges
  • Multiple choice and open questions
  • Guess the word
  • Word Matching
  • Puzzles

Without a doubt, Be Happy is a great way to get the best of your team in such difficult times. A 2 hours team building program developed by experts to lift morale and provide joyful and memorable moments for everyone.

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