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moove GO Woocommerce Integration

Jul 20, 2020
Last Updated: 
May 12, 2023
Roberto Teixeira

moove GO just got better, with our brand new Woocommerce integration plugin you can set an online shop for your customers to purchase activities in a seamless process. After purchasing the activity, the customer will receive the link for the game via email and SMS. This automated process provides more convenience for agencies and their customers. Selling moove activities has never been that ease.

mooveGO allows agencies and companies to develop custom geolocated scavenger hunts, city tours, escape games, and digital interactive guides that can be played through any smartphone iOS or Android. The objective is to augment the environment with interactive content and innovative entertainment to improve the guest’s experience.

The participants play the activity individually and asynchronously. Which gives more freedom to both the player and the company providing the game. The player only has to access the deep link to download the APP and load the activity, and they are good to go, no instructor or staff member needed.

Sell your activities online with our e-commerce integration

Now with the Woocommerce integration, it is even simpler. The agency can set a WordPress website with a Woocommerce shop and integrate it with our Web-based back-office. Allowing customers to buy and download the activities with no human interaction needed. The company providing the game will have 1 credit deducted from their account for each activity sold.

Through the back-office, the account administrator has total control of the number of credits sold. It is possible to register the same activity in different shops and track the sales of which shop, for example.

This game-changing update offers more business opportunities to our partners and enhances the experience of our users.

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