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Virtual TV Contest – Team Building Activity

Sep 29, 2020
Virtual team building tv contest using smartphone app for interaction

How to safely team-build during the COVID19 pandemic? That has been the question in many RH departments and inside the event agencies trough out the year of 2020. What is the best way to hold an online event, so it doesn’t fall into boredom?

Our partners from Kopernico (Madrid, Spain) seems to have just the right answer to that question. An electrifying online Gameshow called ‘La Batidora de Concursos’ (The contest blender). As the name tells, they blend several TV contests to generate fierce competition, good laughs, and a lot of fun, providing an immersive and exciting online experience for your staff.

From their Madrid studio, they use Zoom integrated with broadcast hardware to produce the Gameshow with two presenters, that coordinate the game and entertain the participants with enviable charisma. They use moove TEAM’s alliances to separated the participants into teams, and everybody engages in the game via our mobile app. The participants interact from their own houses anywhere in the world, completely safe.

Check out in this clip a bit of how the activity works:

This highly immersive team building activity demonstrates how moove TEAM can be used as an interactive interface for teams playing remotely, and how it integrates with different dynamics and strategies to provide engaging experiences. 

To know more about this contest contact 

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