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Team building exercises to start fresh in 2021

Jan 05, 2021
Last Updated:
Sep 1, 2023
Roberto Teixeira
Team building activities to give your team a fresh start in 20221

2021 is here, and we all want a fresh start after the troublesome 2020. As the new year begins, we are still living in a pandemic. The vaccination is starting in some parts of the globe, but we are still far from the point where everything will go back to normal. Teams will be working remotely a bit more, and it is important to bring the energy of a new year to them even when it seems like we are living 2020.5 extended version. 

Team building exercises can be very effective in raising morale and kick-starting goals for the new year. Employees will communicate and work together to achieve success. It will keep the momentum going off the holiday hangover and will make sure your team is sharp to face the challenges of the first half of 2021.

In 2020 we developed several remote team building activities with our partners from all over the world, fitting the needs of companies of all sizes and shapes. We are ready to use this knowledge to help you get your team on the right track in the new year. 

Walk Together

This team-building program focus on employee wellbeing and team cohesion. It attacks two problems generated by remote work and social isolation: the lack of trivial interaction with your work colleagues and the lack of fiscal activities due to the restriction in displacement applied in some countries.

It consists of a remote team activity where participants are slipt into teams. Each participant uses the mooveTEAM app to play diverse custom tasks tailormade to the objectives of your company. To unlock each task, the user must walk a certain distance, to be counted by his smartphone’s built-in pedometer. Everybody can participate remotely and asynchronously in their own environment, allowing interaction and collaboration.  

The 2021 version of the game focus even more on employee’s health and on starting the year fresh and renewed. We enhanced the gameplay to make it even more rewarding and engaging. 

Benefits of team-building exercises to kick off 2021


Knowing how to keep your team motivated daily is difficult, even more so after a draining year like 2020 and living the expectations of the end of the pandemic that might not be as soon as we expect. Motivation will help your team facing the challenges of the beginning of a new year.


Trust is essential in any team, especially if you’re introducing new members to the workforce in the New Year. Team building is about uniting team members around a common goal and enabling them to work together to achieve this goal. This contributes towards building a trust bond amongst them, ensuring greater productivity.


The lack of communication makes staff members struggle to cooperate with one another. This is the most common cause of distress when working remotely. Our team building activities can help employees communicate better letting them interact to reach a common goal in no work-related tasks. Make it easier to communicate and get to know each other. 

Want to start the year fresh with dynamic team building activies?

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