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Team Building Activities are back


Until July 1st, 2021, cumulative uptake of full vaccination among adults in Europe has surpassed 40%, and the percentage of adults with a single dose is over 60%.
Due to the growing vaccination rates, many countries have relaxed the Covid-19 prevention policies, paving the way to return to a measure of normality.

The changes in these prevention policies have kick-started the return of traditional teambuilding activities in many companies.
Last month some of our customers already performed mooveTeam outdoor activities.

Over 3000 users played activities in countries like Sweden, UK, Norway, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Poland, Greece, and Spain.

Today more than ever, there is a need to build teams, and corporations are aware of it!

That is why at mooveTeam, we are ready to solve any of your team building needs with our wide range of technology solutions.

In mooveTeam we adapt our technology platform to any particular need.
We offer physical, online, and hybrid dynamics depending on country regulations, corporate needs, and users’ situations. Our customers can choose and adapt the activity to better suit their needs.

Safety is our main focus when planning a teambuilding activity. For this reason, we added new safety features to our technology platform. Users can now access our platform from any device (BYOD), so there is no need for a tablet anymore.

Also, we added step counting technology in smartphones (iOS & Android) which allows our users to implement our “walk together” dynamic. In this case, the smartphone (iOS & Android) uses the step-counting technology and it allows to create walking goals for individuals, teams, and companies for activities of several days duration. Seeking wellness, some of our partners have implemented our “Walk Together” dynamic in their team-building exercises.

At this point and with these good feelings of recovery, we hope that things will start to get better so that by 2022 we can all say that we have made it!!

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