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SMART Work | Remote Team Building Activity

Apr 02, 2020
Last Updated: 
May 12, 2023
Roberto Teixeira
team building activities to help your workers to work smart remotely

The current COVID-19 outbreak forced several companies to implement remote work on an emergency pace. With little or no time to prepare their teams for such a drastic change in their work routines. These abrupt changes combined with the moment of extreme uncertainty in the world scenario can lead to communication problems within the team, and poor decision making. 

To help companies and employees to adapt better to the current scenario, our partners from EA Milano created SMART Workers Hunted, a virtual team building, aimed to increase the participants’ work performances, in these new conditions of remote collaborators (SMART workers). It combines Work & Fun, rewarding step by step the performances of the best teams on “smart working” topics.


A quest to find the best team of SMART workers. It combines a virtual tour of the whole national territory, with a quiz about the main landmarks of a chosen nation, and some tasks regarding the ability to work as a team when working remotely. The activity can be personalized for a company or be used “as-is” for competition between more companies. It will be played on the participant’s mobile phones. It will last a total of 2 hours, divided in the 5 working days of a week.


The objective of this activity is to bring the team together even that they are working remotely. It also aims to train workers in Smart Working practices, facilitating the communication and process during this period. All of this living a fun and engaging experience. As Einstein once stated ‘’Learning is an experience, everything else is just information’’. With that in mind, we developed SMART workers HUNTED to provide this enriching experience to your team.


Participating is easy: all you have to do is enroll yourself and the other components of your team (by providing their e-mail address), download and install the APP on your smartphones, carry out the 10 activities for 5 consecutive days. In the meanwhile, you will be able to consult the leaderboard and, in the end, to virtually celebrate the winning SMART workers team! 

If you want to know more about SMART Workers Hunted contact EA Milano:

+39 02 89367300


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