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Mooveteam Video and IMEX Show

Apr 14, 2016
Last Updated: 
Aug 30, 2023
Ipad rally in the country side

Mooveteam will be at IMEX Frankfurt from 19-21st April – Meet us at booth C640! We look forward to showcasing the latest Mooveteam update!

Check out our new Mooveteam video providing an overview to the basic functions on the platform!

Mooveteam Overview from Mooveteam on Vimeo.

Mooveteam App New Features

The updated app includes several new features to add even more value and further enhance your team building events:

  • FOUR Mini Games.
    • Puzzle.
    • Word Relation Game.
    • Find the Pairs Game.
    • Guess the Word Game.
    • An additional fun gadget to trick the other teams with.
    • A Zombie Hunt.
  • New additions to the back office include:
    • A gallery to customise the content of your mini games and challenge texts.
    • A documents section to upload your event brief.
    • Several user friendly improvements.
    • Segments: you can play on different floors in the same building.

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