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Mooveteam Official Representative in Italy

Sep 07, 2023
Last Updated: 
Sep 7, 2023
Roberto Teixeira
group of team building attendees play mobile team building in Milan

We are delighted to share the news that 2golive, led by Sandro Santi and his team, is now the official representative of Mooveteam in Italy. This strategic partnership aims to strengthen Mooveteam’s presence in the Italian market and provide enhanced support to our local partners.

Why 2golive?

Through the work of Sandro Santi and his team, 2golive has a proven track record of organizing exceptional corporate events through their Eventi Aziendali Milano brand. Their expertise aligns perfectly with Mooveteam’s mission to deliver high-quality, interactive experiences that foster teamwork and innovation.

What Does This Mean for Our Partners?

Localized Support: With a representative based in Italy, we can offer quicker and more efficient support to our local partners.

Joint Actions: 2golive will collaborate with Mooveteam to conduct joint marketing and sales activities, providing an even more comprehensive service offering in Italy.

Enhanced Services: Our local partners can now benefit from specialized services tailored to the Italian market, including localized training and support assistance.

Next Steps

For more information on this partnership and what it means for you, please visit our Italian website: Mooveteam Italy.

We are incredibly excited about this new chapter and look forward to collaborating with our Italian partners to create amazing events and bring innovative solutions to their clients.

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