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mooveTeam launches mooveGO for the Tourist market

Jul 07, 2021
Last Updated:
May 12, 2023
Roberto Teixeira
Tourist take a tour with location-based activities app moovego

Mooveteam SL, the lead supplier of technology solutions for the event industry since 2013, has launched mooveGO. A new platform to create gamified experiences where users can explore any destination with their smartphones.

mooveGO is an innovative solution awarded at the Star Tech Tour Challenge by the CatalanTourism Board. It has brought a revolution for the industry, and destinations are already coming forward in huge numbers to make activities for their visitors. The astonishing user-friendly platform offers lots of different options in terms of challenges, dynamics, or layouts for our customers, which allows their visitors to have an amazing experience while exploring any destination.

With features such as a guided tour format, you can increase visitor engagement by setting up several gamification touchpoints during the tour, using multimedia content and challenges that will increase interaction between the tourist attraction and visitors.

You can create escape games using the cityscape as part of the gameplay. A city adventure around iconic landmarks, combining the best elements of escape rooms with classical treasure hunts offering visitors clues to uncover city secrets in a race against the clock.

mooveGO also enables you to create branding activities for improving marketing campaigns, using logos, colors, and customizable content to offer the audience a memorable experience and guaranteeing the desired recall effect.

During this year thousands of users have already played mooveGo activities through various pilots carried out in Spain, France, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the US.

mooveTeam has gained an edge with the launch of mooveGo and its metrics & analytics new module. The collection of user behavior data allows, among other things, the creation of heat maps or flow charts that identify the most visited areas or which are the preferred routes and tasks.

The Mooveteam ecosystem includes all stakeholders involved. From our international partner network and destinations (including museums, hotels & resorts, cities, campsites,…)through agencies and taking into account the new trends in consumption and reservations in the market. E-commerce integration API is available to support selling tickets through websites.

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