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mooveTEAM and mooveGO February 2021 new features and fixes

Feb 06, 2021
Last Updated: 
Sep 1, 2023
Roberto Teixeira
moove team and go updates

2020 was a challenging year. The restrictions imposed by the COVID19 pandemic had a heavy impact on the event market. We had to adapt our products to this new scenario developing features that provide new dynamics suitable for virtual activities. 

In the first update report of 2021, we inform you of fixes and new features that will improve the performance and provide new reports on the activities. We also added features that enable agencies to provide a more custom experience with mooveGO.

mooveTEAM new features and fixes

Skip pushed challenges for inactive teams.

The teams that are not connected will not receive the challenges forced on the back-office. This way, we reduce the number of requests and increase performance.

List of challenges at the Segment screen 

Now the user can see a list of challenges on the segment screen. 

Reset objects when the player change of segment 

Now we have an option on the back-office that allows game creators to set the objects to reset when the player switch segments. 

Analytics report for pedometer activities

It allows you to see the steps taken individually by each of the teams, what objects they have obtained and when. On the game tracking screen, the ‘detail’ tab.

Distances report:

Allows you to see a report of the steps taken by all the teams that participate in a game and the amount accumulated by alliances.

New track page

We have simplified our track page to make it easier to manage events live. But users can still access the old tracker by clicking on “Old track” on the menu bar. 

mooveGO new features and fixes

We eliminated the optimize button

The ‘OPTIMIZE’ button has been removed from the ‘Events’ header. This function was used to reduce the weight of the images of an event. Now the event’s content is optimized when the user clicks the ‘PUBLISH’ button.



Create a CSV file of purchased localizers

The ‘CSV export’ functionality is enabled for ‘One code for every player‘ purchases of mooveGO games. This functionality creates a CSV file with all the localizers generated by that purchase. This functionality makes it very easy to manage these localizers in case they need to be sent to third-party companies.

CSV option in the ‘tickets’ tab

CSV file with the localizers

Customizable SMS, email, and landing 

Asi los clientes podrán personalizar el texto que se les mandará a los clientes cuando les envien el localizador para poder jugar 

It makes it possible for agencies to customize the messages that will be sent to players when they purchase the game and receive the localizer.

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