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Level Up Team Building: Engaging Indoor Icebreakers with Mooveteam

Mar 11, 2024
Last Updated:
Jun 3, 2024
Roberto Teixeira

For over a decade, Mooveteam has evolved through collaborative efforts with our esteemed partners, shaping a platform designed to cater to an expansive array of client needs with unparalleled flexibility. Earlier this year, we had the privilege of hosting workshop sessions where James Carruthers, a distinguished leader in team-building facilitation and the founder and managing director of Cluego, shared his invaluable insights. Drawing upon Mooveteam’s enriched features—developed over years of integrating partner feedback—James illustrated how the platform’s adaptability has been instrumental in crafting custom activities for clients.

In this article, we spotlight a specific case study presented by James: an engaging indoor team-building icebreaker. This activity, designed to warm up participants and encourage interaction within a concise timeframe, perfectly exemplifies the innovative application of Mooveteam’s diverse capabilities to meet client demands. For those eager to delve deeper into James’s methodology and hear his strategies firsthand, we’ve included access to the workshop video:

The Challenge:

The client sought an engaging, high-energy, and mess-free activity that could be easily set up in a meeting room environment. The brief was clear – the game needed to be fun, foster competition, and, importantly, adhere to a tight setup and teardown schedule.

The Solution:

Drawing from their extensive experience, Cluego designed “Next Level Quick Fire,” utilizing Mooveteam’s versatile platform. This game transformed content from an existing outdoor game into an indoor format, leveraging the adaptability of Mooveteam. The game features three levels of difficulty, each with challenges worth varying points, ensuring inclusivity and engagement for all participants.

Innovation through QR Codes:

A notable aspect of this game was the use of QR codes printed on cards, enabling participants to easily scan and access challenges. This approach not only facilitated swift transitions between activities but also added a layer of excitement and dynamism to the experience.

Customization and Reusability:

One of the key strengths of Mooveteam is its capacity for customization, which enables the creation of games like the one described by James that are precisely adapted to meet specific client needs. Additionally, the innovative use of reusable QR code cards by Cluego highlights a commitment to both cost-efficiency and sustainability. This approach not only minimizes waste and reduces the environmental footprint of team-building activities but also mirrors the growing trend towards eco-friendly and economically savvy business practices.

Diverse Challenges for Comprehensive Engagement:

Incorporating a wide array of challenges, including questions, mini-games, and photo tasks, “Next Level Quick Fire” ensured a rich and varied experience for participants. This diversity not only kept the energy levels high, but also catered to different interests and skill sets.

The challenges were ingeniously structured across three levels of difficulty—easy, medium, and hard—each offering challenges worth varying points to accommodate all players, from novices to experts. For instance, challenges on the easy level were worth 30 points, escalating to 40 points for medium difficulties, and peaking at 50 points for the hardest challenges. This tiered system ensured that the game was accessible and enjoyable for participants of all skill levels, promoting inclusivity while fostering a competitive spirit.

A particularly innovative feature of “Next Level Quick Fire” was the use of QR codes to activate the challenges. James detailed how content from an existing outdoor game was repurposed and adapted for an indoor setting, with all challenges becoming accessible via QR codes printed on durable cards. Participants could choose any card from any level, scan the QR code, and immediately engage with the challenge, ensuring seamless transition and sustained engagement throughout the activity.

The game included a rich mix of challenges:

Questions tested participants’ knowledge and quick thinking, requiring them to answer accurately under time pressure.

Mini-games provided a fun, interactive break from more traditional quiz-style questions, challenging teams in unique and creative ways.

Photo challenges encouraged creativity and teamwork, with teams needing to complete a task that would then automatically trigger a photo challenge, adding an element of surprise and requiring quick adaptation.

With over 100 challenges distributed across approximately 35 challenges per level or segment, “Next Level Quick Fire” was designed to fill an engaging and productive hour of team building. The QR code-based activation of challenges allowed for a flexible approach to game flow, as teams could choose challenges at random, adding an element of unpredictability and excitement to the experience.

The strategic use of QR codes not only streamlined the setup and execution of the game but also underscored Cluego’s commitment to creating environmentally friendly solutions. The reusable nature of the QR code cards demonstrates a thoughtful approach to sustainability, reducing waste and supporting repeated use without diminishing the quality or impact of the team-building experience.

Flexibility and Repeated Use:

The success of “Next Level Quick Fire” led to its repeated application across various settings, underscoring the game’s flexibility and the platform’s capability to provide enduring solutions. Cluego’s experience highlights the importance of innovative thinking and adaptability in creating engaging indoor team-building activities that meet and exceed client expectations.


This game format created by Cluego stands as a prime example of how Mooveteam’s platform empowers users to devise customized, engaging, and unforgettable team-building experiences. This case study not only highlights the platform’s adaptability but also acts as a beacon of inspiration for organizations aiming to design team-building events that closely align with their unique requirements and ethos. For those in need of bespoke team-building solutions, Cluego, along with our global network of partners, is at your service, ready to bring your vision to life.

Event agencies, team-building facilitators, and businesses looking to leverage the Mooveteam platform are encouraged to reach out to us. Our partnership offers not just access to innovative tools but also a community and support system designed to enhance your offerings.

For existing partners, the Partners Portal is your gateway to a wealth of resources, including complete workshop videos like the one featuring “Next Level Quick Fire.” We’re eager to showcase your success stories on our blog and welcome your input for future workshops. Whether you have questions, suggestions, or are looking to see specific content in upcoming sessions, our team is here to support and collaborate with you in elevating team-building experiences worldwide.

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