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Smart workers hunted

An unusual hunt for the best SMART workers Team, which combines a virtual tour of Italy – with quizzes, anecdotes and curiosities about the most characteristic places of our Bella Italia, with a series of interactive tests regarding tricks and “SMART” modes to team up working from home in SMART Working conditions.
English, Italian
1 Week - 2 Hour total


A real quest to find the beast team of SMART workers, that combines an amazing virtual tour of a specific country (or the world) with 360° astonishing outlook, quizzes and challenges about the main cool spots of the chosen territory, and some tasks / challenges regarding best practices of SMART working when collaborating from different venues. The activity can be personalized or be used “as-is”. Ideally can be used for a challenge between more subsidiaries / companies. It will be conducted on the employees and coworkers’ mobile phones, possibly organized in virtual teams. It will last a total of 2/3 hours, divided in the 5 working days of a week.


The aim of the activity SMART WORKERS Hunted is to tighten up the coworkers’ group, by motivating them to try in a competitive way a list of 8/10 tips and tricks about Smart Working each day for 5 days. Expected result: an original way to have an insight about a total of 40/50 tips and tricks to enhance the approach and performance of Smart Working, independently from the specifics of the companies involved, always having in mind phrases like: ‘’Learning is an experience, everything else is just information’’ – Einstein, or ‘’ I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.’’ – Confucius.


Participating has to be easy as possible: everyone has to enroll himself by providing e-mail address and, a nick name and the name of your team, download and install the APP on his smartphones / tablet, read the QR code to enter in the game, carry out the 8/10 activities for 5 consecutive days. In the meanwhile, participants will be able to consult the leaderboard and, at the end, to virtually celebrate the winning SMART workers team.

How does it work?

The APP will enable them to participate to the challenge every day during the 5 consecutive days in which the game will be active. The only mandatory prerequisites are: disposing of an internet connection (at least during the APP installing phase) and an operating system updated enough (see table on landing page for iOS and Android devices minimum requirements).  Every day will be provided with 8/10 challenges. Half of them will be best practices about Smart Working, the other half will be curiosities about the chosen territory.


Zooming out on the map, the participants will see other icons placed on different venues around the nation territory. Each of these icons indicate a test, accessible by clicking on the button ‘’CHALLENGES’’. In every daily session, the participants will complete a 8/10 virtual tour steps with 8/10 challenges accessible from the menu. When opening a challenge, the participants will see 360° picture of the spot and will have to examine it to solve the challenge. Each challenge will be a different activity, selected from: multiple answer quizzes, open questions, memory games, notions matching, puzzles, but also mimic try challenges with selfies and mini videos that will have to convey a different concept each time. The tests will be about: the venues virtually visited that day, often with referrals about the 360° images, but also the list of 10 tips and tricks / best practices about SMART working. The general leaderboard, constantly updated and accessible by clicking on the button at the center of the bottom of the screen, will show the score of the player (the team scoring in the move app), and their team (the alliance scoring). On the last day, it will be ‘’frozen’’ so that the winning team will be announced during the virtual celebrative session, that will be preceded by a brief video assembly of the best performances held by the participants during the whole week.

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