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Eventi Aziendali Milano: A role model of team building events’ customization

Jun 21, 2023
Last Updated:
Jul 18, 2023
Roberto Teixeira
Coworkers doing a team bulding event on the street with a tablet

“With the adoption of mooveTEAM we are more and more sure that everything is going to work”, says Sandro Santi from Eventi Aziendali Milano

This month we’ve travelled digitally to Milano to interview Sandro Santi together with Donatella Ardemagni, representing mooveTEAM’s main partner in Italy, Eventi Aziendali Milano. Sandro and Donatella are the events and team building consultant and digital marketing specialist of EA Milano respectively.

EA Milano is the division of 2GoLIVE dedicated to the creation of team building events, 70 to 80% of which are “based on mooveTEAM technologies”, explains Sandro, showcasing their strong reliance on the platform. They have a team fully engaged and dedicated to mooveTEAM, ensuring seamless game preparation.

In this blog, we will dive deep into Sandro’s insightful thoughts about the key to a successful event and their journey together with mooveTEAM. 

The beginnings of EA Milano & mooveTEAM

“In 2008 we were looking for a digital way to do team building. Originally, at the beginning, we chose a competitor of mooveTEAM”. As Sandro explains to us, a few years later in 2017 they “had to choose something different, more powerful, more performing”, which lead to the first encounter between mooveTEAM and EA Milano.

Mooveteam is generating around 65% to 70% of our profits. We are focused on Treasure Hunt and Escape Room, but we use it to support other forms of team building.

Sandro Santi | Eventi Aziendali Milano

What is the key to a successful event?

“I suppose one of the most important, one of our characteristics, is to try to understand deeply what the clients are asking for. We are open to customize everything”, Sandro emphasizes, adding, “Personalization is crucial for us. We always tailor events because everything, from images to clues, is personalized to the company. It’s not always easy because sometimes companies are not ready for customization, but we provide consultancy and do our best to meet their needs.”

Differentiating through Customization

person with a laptop looking at a map of the world

Sandro highlights customization as a key factor that sets EA Milano apart. “We decided to invest in customization to differentiate ourselves. We produce new formats using different storytelling. For example, we have different storytelling formats for discovering cities for tourism and formats for training sessions” he explains. He further mentions their quick response during the lockdown, where they immediately developed formats for mobile phones, allowing people to participate from their homes.

Another way they distinguish themselves in the market is by supporting other resellers in Italy who may struggle with customizing the platform. By assisting them in creating the entire day’s experience, EA Milano strengthens their position. Moreover, they are able to present a short movie at the end of each game, showcasing the best performances of the teams. These 10-minute videos are “very appreciated by our clients because it’s a big surprise”, as they get to see their own team’s achievements and are surprised by what the other teams accomplished. This offering that Sandro describes as a “trademark in team building using mooveTEAM technologies” sets EA Milano apart from their competitors.

Donatella adds, “The movie at the end of each game is a vital part of our communication activity to support each event. Our goal is also to help companies communicate and engage people before and after the team-building itself. We utilize digital marketing tools to create impressive games, so we can create a lasting impact, something that people can remember about the meeting even after it.”

Reliability as the top best quality of mooveTEAM

Sandro highlights reliability as the top feature of mooveTEAM: “For sure, on the top, there is reliability (…) with the adoption of mooveTEAM, we are more and more sure that everything is going to work. This is the main thing,” he asserts. 

As a sort of podium, Sandro places the possibility to customize in second place, as it allows them to adapt the platform to their clients’ specific requirements. The third noteworthy aspect of the mooveTEAM platform, according to Sandro, is its versatility, “the possibility to create new ways to do the same game”. He explains, “With mooveTEAM, we can conduct not only treasure hunts and escape rooms but also gamify other outdoor activities. It’s a competitive activity.”

What’s the best event that you’ve made?

two adults gardening and taking a picture of the pot with a tablet

“The best is the last and probably the next”, Sandro believes, “Every day we improve our abilities”. He shares an example of a mooveTEAM game they recently conducted based on sustainability, stating, “Sustainability is a big emerging market focus. We have to follow this social movement because everyone is admitting that sustainability is a big problem. We need to do something and can educate, how can we help to use team building? People need to be more and more aware of what they need to change. So we created a specific way to motivate people to play with the sustainability pillars. We represented a specific format to help companies to motivate people to start with changing a few habits. A few habits altogether can create the difference.”

Some last tips!

four co-workers doing a team building activity with a tablet

As a testimonial, I can say that mooveTEAM is definitely a profitable way to approach team building,” Sandro recommends. “Of course we have to invest, it is necessary to invest time, effort and money of course, to be more and more able to customize because the key to success is the ability to customize and mooveTeam Features are always growing.

Donatella further adds, “It’s not just about the fun activities; team building is an opportunity to get to know colleagues, learn about company values, mission, and vision. We help create a learning path for their people, for the team”. From mooveTEAM we are eager to hear that the impactful experiences they create help bring teams closer together, foster learning, and drive positive change.

As Sandro and Donatella continue to push the boundaries of team building, their dedication to improvement and their innovative approach make them leaders in the industry. If you’re seeking a team building Italian partner that prioritizes customization and creativity, Eventi Aziendali Milano should be at the top of your list. 

If, like Sandro and Donatella, you are willing to embrace the power of gamification and personalized storytelling to unlock the full potential of your team building events, don’t hesitate to contact us here

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