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Building Stronger Teams: Lapica Companies’ Success Story with mooveTEAM

Jun 02, 2023
Last Updated:
Oct 27, 2023
Roberto Teixeira

“It’s a platform that, out of the times I’ve used it, it’s very reliable, it’s robust. There are rarely any errors. In fact, I don’t remember any”, describes Jordi Broca, CEO & Founder of Lapica Companies, when asked about mooveTEAM. 

In today’s business environment, companies are understanding the importance of promoting a healthy and cohesive working atmosphere. As it is widely known, a close-knit team is a more productive team too. So for any team manager out there, we are sure to say that team building has become a growing aspect to bear in mind in the last few years. 

This is where Lapica Companies comes into play and the reason why they’re a successful example of companies using mooveTEAM. Today we want to share with you our exclusive interview with Jordi Broca, founder of Lapica Companies, and explore their relationship with mooveTEAM and how they built a Money Heist themed team building event

So if you are considering using mooveTEAM as your gamification platform for your next team building events, check out Jordi’s experience! We don’t say it, he says it!

What’s the story behind Lapica Companies?

We started a company 30 years ago. We were basically dedicated to doing activities in nature and we lodged people, we had accommodation for groups”, explains Jordi Broca. “From there we started doing activities for companies and to this day we organize the events comprehensively if necessary”, he adds.

This service, described by Jordi, is truly a full service. Lapica Companies is dedicated to setting up all the activity and infrastructure to perform it. Jordi also highlights the process of designing events: “the other part, which is a part of design of what would be all the activity and the whole event, we also work on it” he explains. Accordingly, he shares with us “we have quite important events of 600-700 people. Of 40-50 too, of course, but we’ve reached as many as 700 or 800 people.

In front of someone with such experience in the field of events, we couldn’t help but ask: what factors are crucial to the success of an event? “I think it’s like any service, isn’t it?”, Jordi replied. “That the client’s expectations are in line with what you are able to offer. It is about trying to capture the client’s expectations very well, what the objective of the event is and what you can give to them.” 

Lapica Companies and mooveTEAM – A solution to scale events 

When Jordi talks about their old activities, he admits “we did them analogically, for example we did them with polaroids”. However, of course, the wave of digitization didn’t take long to reach the sector. “For one event I decided to design a geolocation system: when people arrived at the place, a question would pop up via cell phone. A friend of mine who was also in the world of events told me there was a company that had developed that same idea so that it could be scalable. This is where I met mooveTEAM.”

The relationship between Lapica Companies and mooveTEAM dates back to years ago. Nowadays, Jordi has “two or three people” in his team who know how to develop the essentials of each event so others can specialize in the details of the design. Moove has also become their go-to tool to “rate the teams, to keep them under control, and to manage the activity”. We are happy to hear Jordi confessing that they “have a very high level of customer loyalty”.

When asked about the intricacies of the platform and what aspects he values the most, Jordi gave us an immediate response: “The reliability”. He explains, “It’s a platform that, out of the times I’ve used it, it’s very reliable, it’s robust. There are rarely any errors. In fact, I don’t remember any”.

Money Heist team building activity in Sitges

Themed team building activities are a great way to engage your audience using trending topics in your favor. The success of the Spanish series Money Heist is unquestionable, and Lapica Companies decided to create a whole game about it in the beautiful coastal town of Sitges, Spain. 

Jordi describes this activity as the most complete they’ve done according to him. 150 people were divided into two teams: policemen and thieves, both identified with bracelets. The objective of the game was to open a safe: if the thieves won, they took the gold ingots, if the policemen won, they saved the State’s papers.

“There was an alliance through Moove between thieves and policemen that added up the scores”, Jordi explains. Geolocated vans were included in the game, which were connected to mooveTEAM through iPads. “When they found the vans, they stopped them, the driver gave them a code so they accessed the game test and were able to decipher an enigma that came out on the iPads”. 

Thanks to the map of the game on mooveTEAM, all the tests were marked so that participants could follow the steps of the experience. As Jordi narrates, mooveTEAM also facilitated the automatization of scoring each team on each test: “they had to inflate the maximum number of “zeppelins” in 7 seconds. Each properly inflated balloon added 10 points to the team. There were other types of tests and each time they won they had to take team photos or answer a clue to add points”.

The bottom line: recommended or not?

The moment of truth, what’s Jordi Broca’s final conclusion about his experience with mooveTEAM? Would he recommend it? Here’s what he told us:

“It is a very positive experience, especially the customer’s attention, especially Rafa and Albert, who are the ones I talk to the most. All of it is fantastic, they are fantastic. They always find solutions, they always help you. It is true, I recommend it and I recommend it a lot.”

In mooveTEAM we firmly believe in long-term relationships that add value to both businesses. We are driven by partnership, creating, profiting and evolving together. The relationship between Lapica Companies and mooveTEAM cannot be a better example of that. 

If, like Lapica Companies, you are an event company looking for a platform to build gamified team experiences, don’t miss out on all the benefits of becoming a mooveTEAM partner. We are eager to extend our list of partners throughout the world!

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