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Easy and Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Jun 02, 2016
Last Updated:
Aug 25, 2023

Sometimes the easiest ideas for your Scavenger Hunts are the hardest to think of! That’s why we have decided to make this blog entry with some easy to use Scavenger Hunt ideas that are guaranteed to be fun as well!

Most of these ideas will be used in conjunction with the Photo/Video Challenges in the MooveTeam system and therefore are also very easy to grade and fun to incorporate in the post-Scavenger Hunt festivities slide show.  The photos and videos taken in the mooveTeam app are automatically downloaded to the server for this reason!

OK! Here is a list of the easy ideas, enjoy!

Here are some Scavenger Hunt items that can be used with the photo challenge in Mooveteam:

  • A restaurant napkin from a specific restaurant or a type of restaurant (Somalian food for example)
  • A take-out menu from a specific restaurant or a type of restaurant
  • A photo with the local newspaper from today (or from yesterday)
  • A fortune cookie
  • A coupon for a certain type of product or from a specific store
  • A receipt for a certain product or from a certain store or for a specific amount
  • A bus/subway/train/boat ticket
  • A business card of a Dentist/Lawyer/Etc
  • A stranger’s autograph (extra points for specific names)
  • The team sitting with an unknown family at a restaurant/on a bench/in a bar
  • A picture with someone famous
  • The team’s reflection in something
  • The team standing on a statue
  • Holding an animal
  • The team on a spiral staircase
  • The team standing next to a certain type of car/motorcycle (extra points if on/in the vehicle)
  • The entire team on a tree
  • The team on a slide
  • The team in front of a food/coffee/ice cream truck
  • Funny Graffiti in a washroom (nothing inappropriate please!)
  • The team folding clothes in a public laundry mat
  • The team all in the air (you decide how)
  • The team in a boat
  • The team sharing one drink (each teammate has their own straw)
  • A team-member acting as a waiter/barman in a restaurant/bar/hotel.

The following ideas are good to use with the Video challenge in Mooveteam:

  • Get a stranger to sing your country’s national anthem
  • Fake an earthquake in a public place
  • Fake a Kung-Fu battle in a public place and capture bystander reactions
  • A teammate walking a dog (any dog or a certain type)
  • The team singing at a karaoke bar
  • A team-member break dancing in the middle of a mall
  • A teammate washing the window of a stranger’s car (ask first…)
  • The team doing a Gangham Style/Macarena/Flamenco dance together in a public place
  • The team standing under a public clock at an exact time (such as 1:24 p.m.)
  • Get a stranger to let you bowl for him/her in a bowling alley
  • A man on the team wearing a dress
  • Any of the teammates doing a performance in the middle of a very crowded street (extra points if someone gives money at the end)
  • A team member washing dishes at a restaurant
  • A teammate hanging upside-down on monkey bars for at least 10 seconds while making monkey sounds
  • Convince a stranger to let you taste their food
  • An unknown couple telling the story of how they met
  • A group member doing a lap in a pool
  • A stranger telling a joke
  • A team member helping to carry a stranger’s groceries
  • Conduct a crazy exercise class at the park publicly
  • Going through a fast food drive-thru walking)
  • Everyone playing “Duck, Duck, Goose” in a public area
  • Buy something that costs at least a dollar with pennies only
  • One teammate does a dance in front of a stranger, then ask the stranger to score him/her on a scale from 1 to 10
  • In public, a teammate puts a tiara or crown on their head and says “Hello, I’m the Queen of XXXX” in an XXX accent
  • Your whole team humming the Mission Impossible song while everyone acts like a spy going front to back in a store
  • The whole team singing a song while in a restaurant

A certain color, smell, sound, location or any other characteristic can be added to make things more challenging.

We hope that you find this list useful!  Now go and make some amazing events!

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