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Christmas mobile-based team building activities

Treat your staff to fantastic interactive Christmas gamified activities. mooveTEAM offers diverse formats for in-person treasure hunts and hybrid and remote activities fitting all kinds of companies, from small businesses to multinational corporations.

Boost your team's morale and comradery this christmas

Celebrate this year’s office Christmas party in an innovative and fun way

Have a treasure hunt exploring the city, doing fun tasks on a route from your office to the restaurant where the Christmas dinner will be held, or a month-long virtual advent calendar activity with new tasks every day uniting team members spread across the globe. Moove has a team-building Christmas event fitting your needs.

Experience fun bonding moments with your team in one of our Xmas group activities

We work alongside our partners to develop activities that are compliant with the current sanitary precautions due to the new Coronavirus pandemic while maintaining the fun and enabling diverse team built dynamics. Here you got some mooveTEAM activities designed to meet the current team-building necessities.

Christmas Treasure Hunts

Enjoy Christmas with your team in an exciting mobile-based Treasure Hunt

Build excitement and comradery within your team in preparation for your Christmas dinner. Our GPS Christmas treasure hunts are a fantastic way to team-build before the Christmas party. Participants play fun tasks on a route from the office to the local of the Christmas party.

The activity is themed with special tasks requiring teams to deliver virtual presents in a race to get them to Christmas trees on time.

After the activity, all the photos and videos taken by teams are displayed on the big screen for everyone to see.In fun and heartwarming celebration.

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Xmas Advent Calendar

Every day in December provides the players with a new set of festive tasks to complete.

Host a festive team building event that lasts the whole month of December. Everyone loves to open an advent calendar and enjoy a little sweet treat each day in December. Imagine a game that did just this but challenged them to a fun task instead! That is the idea of our Xmas Advent calendar game. Participants receive a gift box at home with presents from the company and a QR code to launch the activity. Every day during December, they will receive a new set of challenges and win points for the ones they beat. They must compete to stay at the top of the leaderboard so they may win prizes at the end of the event. The team building program is closed with a virtual event where participants can socialize and see a compilation of all the photos and videos they produced during the challenges. The winners are announced, and the company can demonstrate their appreciation and set the vision for the next year.

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