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Inizia a costruire le tue attività su solide basi

Esplora la nostra libreria di giochi pronti, progettati e testati dai nostri migliori partner in tutto il mondo. Iniziando a costruire da un gioco esistente, risparmi tempo e fornisci ai tuoi clienti un'esperienza testata da centinaia di utenti soddisfatti.

La nostra Galleria dei Game

Attività pronte e create dalle migliori agenzie in tutto il mondo

La nostra libreria di attività è composta da giochi creati e collaudati da aziende di eventi in tutto il mondo. Iniziare con un gioco pronto da utilizzare ti fa risparmiare tempo e ti offre una solida base per provare mooveTEAM.

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Team BuildingAttività Virtuale

We can be heroes

We can be Heroes is a fun problem-solving, super hero themed team building activity. Our hero has been fooled and trapped in a digital scam. Teams must follow the clues to find our imprisoned hero and save the day.

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Secret Safe

Secret Safe, completely virtual, team building escape. It is focused on staff wellbeing, stimulating physical exercise, collaboration and communication skills.

Team BuildingIn remotoConta passi

Walk Together

Walk Together is a COVID-safe, completely virtual, team building activity where participants must walk to unlock new challenges. It is focused on staff wellbeing, giving them motives to get off their workstation and walk. The game is collaborative and each participant contributes to his team score.

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In this battle, entirely in Casino Royale style, each team aims to score exactly 777 points and win the jackpot. Who puts on their poker face and is willing to gamble today?

Team BuildingAttività outdoor GPS

Clash of Europe

Every country has its own interests, its own agenda ….. No one can be trusted on the world stage. Three superpowers: America, Russia and China are today given the opportunity to take over strategic points in Europe. This time, no force needs to be used in the takeover, just pure knowledge. Knowledge is power, especially during this clash.

Team BuildingAttività outdoor GPS


The eternal battle between the police and drug gangs has been a problem for decades, which is why the government has decided to deploy undercover agents. The working method used by these men and women is unprecedented! Completely cut off from all colleagues, these agents try to disrupt everything drug gangs try to set up.

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El Inspector

Take on the role of investigators with your team and start your investigation to find out who is responsible for a terrible robbery in a small, peaceful village. Conduct a neighborhood investigation, talk to witnesses, investigate the facts, and track down the suspects.

Team BuildingAttività outdoor GPS


In this cyber-security themed city game, participants will have to run through the city, solving challenges to collect the bitcoins necessary to pay the ransom requested by the hackers who invaded their company’s system. Otherwise the reprisals will be particularly unpleasant: all payment transactions will be shut down and no one will get their salary this month.

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Smart workers hunted

An unusual hunt for the best SMART workers Team, which combines a virtual tour of Italy – with quizzes, anecdotes and curiosities about the most characteristic places of our Bella Italia, with a series of interactive tests regarding tricks and “SMART” modes to team up working from home in SMART Working conditions.

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Riddlethon is an exciting riddle competition to stimulate team cohesion, communication, and problem-solving skills. Participants have to work as teams to strategically solve as many riddles as they can to gain enough points to unlock new levels. Teams have to beat challenges and break codes to reach the final level where they will face the final riddle if they have...

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Go Remote

Go Remote is a Remote Team Building program to improve the wellbeing and performance of employees working from home. The game can last 1-4 weeks, depending on the company’s requirements with a new set of challenges every day.

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