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Adventure Warsaw

On the market since 2009. The company has two brands offering city games and events: Adventure Warsaw operating in Warsaw and City Adventure offering city games in entire Poland.
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Adventure Warsaw is a Poland-based company offering city tours, city games, and events in Warsaw. With over a decade of experience, they provide exceptional tours that showcase the beauty of Warsaw. They also offer city games that are designed to be fun and engaging, with mini-workshops and knowledge-building elements incorporated into each scenario. The company uses retro mini-vans and buses to provide transport, and their team of exceptional guides is committed to creating a unique experience for every group they work with. They offer support in creating events and tailoring tours to fit the needs of their clients.


City tour offers with mooveTEAM and mooveGO

Adventure Warsaw and City Adventure utilize the mooveTEAM and mooveGO platforms to create and deliver their city games and events. With games available in every major city in Poland, they offer city games on iPads as their main offering. This use of technology enables Adventure Warsaw and City Adventure to create interactive and engaging experiences for their customers. The iPads serve as a platform for games that incorporate real-world locations and challenges, making the games immersive and exciting. The mooveTEAM and mooveGO platforms can enhance the games even further with features like real-time scoring and team tracking. With their innovative approach and use of technology, Adventure Warsaw and City Adventure are able to offer unique and enjoyable city games and events for their customers throughout Poland.

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