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Często Zadawane Pytania

Odpowiedzi na najczęściej zadawane pytania dotyczące tworzenia i zarządzania aktywnościami

No gadgets appear on the iPad.

The activity has been ended by timeout. Can it be restarted so the teams can keep playing?

The activity cannot be chosen from the list that appears on the iPad:

An activity for ‘N’ teams has been created but I can only choose from a lower number of teams once activated.

While editing a route, if a challenge location is changed it changes in all the routes.

The routes have been created but they are not on the map when the iPad is loaded.

The activity is not authorized. Are there any restrictions of the functions to play?

I have created an activity with ‘N’ number of teams and I can only use two.

Sometimes the teams lose focus between challenges and don’t realize they have arrived at the next challenge. What should be done to make sure they know?

Is it necessary to add video (characters) to the challenges?

The iPad cannot be heard outside in the streets

Wersje aplikacji:

App versions:
Android: 7289 from: 12.07.22
iOS: 2022.11(687) from: 22.06.22

Please update to the latest version before opening a ticket!

Currently supported devices:
Android 7 and higher.
iOS 13 or higher for iPhones and iPads

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