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How many days prior to date should an activity be activated?

What should I do if there is a change in the number of teams or the date of the activity after activating it?

Should an activity be ready to ask for the activation?

An iPad does not work, it needs to be changed and the new device cannot be assigned to the team that needs it:

A challenge is not physically accessible and it cannot be done, or it does not activate for unknown reasons, but the game must go on:

I have to reset the activity because a mistake was found:

Location error message:

I am at the challenge location but it does not activate:

Wersje aplikacji:

App versions:
Android: 7289 from: 12.07.22
iOS: 2022.11(687) from: 22.06.22

Please update to the latest version before opening a ticket!

Currently supported devices:
Android 7 and higher.
iOS 13 or higher for iPhones and iPads

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